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30 Ways To Wear A Wrap Dress That Won't Make You Feel Old

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When Diane von Furstenberg made wrap dresses popular in the '70s, she was ushering a new kind of woman into the world - the kind who dominates the boardroom while also simultaneously keeping her date nights well booked. The idea was that this simple dress from could go from day to night, and back to day again when hailing your cab back home the next morning. 

When asked about the inspiration behind the frock, she coyly said, "Well, if you’re trying to slip out without waking a sleeping man, zips are a nightmare."

Because of that, the dress has gotten a reputation of being a sexy but professional frock, but over the years there have been so many more reiterations of the piece that it can potential fit into any kind of aesthetic. Which means if that slinky look isn't your style, it doesn't mean the dress is off limits to you. You just have to find the specific kind you like, and style it the way you're most comfortable with. To help you navigate this, ahead are a bevvy of styling tips to try out and dress details to keep an eye out for. You'll master this piece in no time.

Wendy Wrap Dress, $108, Kiyonna