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30 Ways To Wear A Wrap Dress That Won't Make You Feel Old

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24. Add Proportion With Shin-High Booties
You can play with the proportions of your body by deciding where to add lines. For example, you look different when a skirt hits you right at the hips and when it cuts you off mid-rib cage. 

These lines in our outfits help direct our eyes - they tell them to go upwards or downwards. The same rule applies with shoes. So if you wear a wrap that hits you around the knees or mid-thigh, but you would like a little more coverage, swap out the heels or booties and opt for boots that hit you mid-shin. The higher line of the boot draws the eye upward and makes it look like you have more coverage.

Long-Sleeve Silk Jersey Wrap Dress, $250, Diane von Furstenberg