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Words Of Wisdom From Women On The Journey To Gray Hair

1. Share Your Experience
There are many strategies for growing out the gray. Highlights and lowlights are options that help to blend the transition more seamlessly. Finding a community for support and advice is a great place to start. Instagram account @gombre is such a place, and Instagram user @cinsu30 used the platform to get advice.

She shares: "I’m Cindy and I’m 44. After 24 years of dyeing my hair to cover my greys, I’ve decided to embrace them. Haven’t dyed my hair since mid December. Many days I struggle with self image, but I’m tired of hiding something I can’t control. I feel like everyone is staring at my hair. 

Some around me do not approve of my decision, but I’ve realized you can’t make everyone happy. I’ve thought of highlighting my hair to blend my grays, anyone have any experience with that?"