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Words Of Wisdom From Women On The Journey To Gray Hair

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30. Slow And Steady
The transition to grey is a slow process, especially if you have long hair, as @kr323 does. She shares on @grombre: "Almost nine months color free! Still diggin it! I’m at the point where I’m not thinking about it all the time and forget it looks a little strange. At least it’s long enough now that I don’t get those looks like...’uhh, shouldn’t you be making a hair appointment?’ I’ve noticed this journey has made me find real acceptance about age and this stage of my life in a way I didn’t expect. Maybe it’s good hair grows so slowly so it’s given me a chance to process this new phase. Anyway, for those of you on the beginning of this journey- keep going! The first few months are hard but it’s been so worth it for me. Excuse the office selfie- there’s great light at the window!"