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Words Of Wisdom From Women On The Journey To Gray Hair

5. Rock A Short Style
One way to transition to gray is to cut off long dyed hair. @boymom2fitmom shares: "So, might as well talk about the other thing I'm working on alongside my weight loss journey. A few months ago, I finally committed to #ditchthedye and embrace my salt and pepper. A couple of weeks ago, I chopped off my long hair, which was still dark, and am now rocking a short hairstyle until the remaining dye has grown out. 

I'm loving seeing the different shades poke through, love not having to sit in the salon every few weeks (just to have the dye fade within a few washes), love not taking a hit to my bank account... I've been inspired by so many Instagram accounts, especially @grombre, and now proud to also be a #silversister."