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Words Of Wisdom From Women On The Journey To Gray Hair

2. Accept Your Gray
Like so many women, @foreverfitcoaching started dyeing her hair to fit in. She shares her journey to gray on Instagram via @gombre.

She writes: "Ive had white hair since I was 25, but started dyeing it black at 30. I always hated the dye, it even gave me headaches, but it was kind of mandatory. I had to be on top of it every 3 weeks so roots wouldn’t show. I would avoid dyeing until someone would come and make some nasty remark about my white hair.

Towards the end of last year I decided to live more in tune with my desires, and since I hated coloring my hair and all things hair salon, I decided to just stop both coloring and straightening my hair using heat. 

As women age, society renders them invisible. I refuse to be erased just because Im growing older. So here I am accepting and loving myself wrinkles, curls, white hair and all."