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Words Of Wisdom From Women On The Journey To Gray Hair

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Every day, we are bombarded with images of youthful women, even in advertisements for clothing and items meant for women over 40. So it makes us feel like in order to fit in, we have to look youthful too. Of course, that means we have to dye our hair and reject our natural gray hair. 

But more and more, women are using social media to share their stories and reject these norms. We can now easily find inspiring women who buck the trends, and put themselves out into the world as they are, grey and all. Instagram account @grombre is a perfect example of this. The account gathers and shares stories and pictures of women who are transitioning or have transitioned to gray hair. It is a place for women to go to get inspiration and support while going through (or contemplating) the process of giving up the hair dye and embracing their natural gray. 

If you're on the gray journey or are thinking about it, here are some of their words of wisdom to get you inspired.