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Vintage Movies That Should Never Be Remade

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These days, remakes are as much an integral part of Hollywood as Tinseltown's iconic classics, where directors and actors alike love the chance to take some part of cinematographic history and try to rewrite it with their own twist. There have been some great remakes in the past, but there also have been just as many (if not more!) bad ones, making fans wonder why studios can't just leave well enough alone. 

It seems that there have been more remakes than original movies over the last few years, and that has us a bit worried that some of our favorite flicks will be reimagined for this modern era, when they should be left in their past state of perfection. Can you imagine if a studio tried another version of 'The Wizard of Oz'? No way. 

In the spirit of that, we've picked out 30 vintage movies that should never be remade. Ever. Featuring flicks from the '30s all the way up to the '90s, these films are such important pieces of pop culture that they should never be touched. Now let's all cross our fingers...