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29 Ways To Use Dryer Sheets That You Haven't Thought Of Yet

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Dryer sheets seem like they have a pretty straightforward job: make your clothes smell nice and lower the chance of static cling. Then, we usually toss them in the trash after the first use (or two) when the job is done. Why would you do anything else but that? But we're here to tell you not to throw them out right after the dryer cycle is over — they can do so much more than help with your loads of laundry. 

There are a ton of uses for the little sheets, as a matter of fact. You can recycle them in so many ways by repurposing them for other needs outside of your laundry room. From freshening up stinky gym bags to helping repel bugs from your kitchen, they are far more handy than you'd ever have thought. Plus, they're pretty inexpensive, which means you don't have to feel too guilty for using them up quickly for purposes other than the laundry. 

Ahead are 29 unexpected ways to use dryer sheets that you might not have thought of before. Do you have a favorite dryer sheet hack not mentioned here? We'd love to know about it.