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Top Skincare Tips That Are Better Than Botox

4. Apply Sunscreen Daily
Rather than frowning at wrinkles, try to prevent them from forming in the first place by making sunscreen a part of your everyday beauty routine. Apply it underneath your makeup, or make things easier for yourself by getting a moisturizer with SPF 50 already in it. 

"So – it is very hard to reverse sagging skin – and much better to try and prevent it in the first place. An absolute must is wearing a facial sunscreen EVERY DAY  (yes even when it’s cloudy or you’re only outside for 20 minutes,) because UV radiation can penetrate deep into skin and break down elastin – the key protein that gives your skin its elasticity," Dr. Neuser explains.

If you're worried about looking oily, then try a sunscreen oil that absorbs quickly into the skin. A great pick is the BCDation Sun Oil, which is best used underneath makeup as a primer for a hydrated, dewy skin finish, or mixed into your daytime skincare routine. The product goes on light and clear which means there is no ghostly white cast or sticky residue, and no dreaded greasy feeling. Plus, you can use it in your hair to also hydrate your locks!

Try: BCDation Multi Use Sun Oil SPF 50+, $28, Tonymoly