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Top Skincare Tips That Are Better Than Botox

1. Look For The 'Tretinoin' Ingredient
When it comes to taking care of your skin, looking at ingredients is key. Some are more powerful than others. "Tretinoin is the 'gold standard' in topical treatment for aging skin. Although it will not tighten sagging skin, (nor will any other topical medication), it can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve firmness over time," Dr. David Lortscher, Board-certified Dermatologist and CEO of Curology, shares with It's Rosy. "After sun protection, tretinoin is your skin’s best ally to combat aging changes." 

Tretinoin is a strong retinoid and is obtained from vitamin A. "It is considered to be  the best topical ingredient to treat and prevent wrinkles, stimulate collagen growth, and fight acne. Think of it as a gardener, fertilizing the growth of healthy new cells while weeding out damage," Dr. Lortscher explains. 

A great product to try is Curology's custom superbottle bundle, which comes with a cleanser and moisturizer. Curology has you take a quiz and creates a formula that specifically targets your skin's needs, helping you tackle your biggest issues directly.