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The Most Stunning Royal Tiaras And Their History

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15. The Lotus Flower Tiara
The Lotus Flower Tiara was first gifted to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Duchess of York (or as she's better known: the future Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother). The Queen Mother first received it in necklace form, but she later commissioned it into a flapper-inspired tiara. The necklace was a wedding present given to her by her husband, the future King George VI, in 1923.

While Queen Elizabeth liked to wear it low on her head — as was the fashion back then — today's royals wear it perched on top of their crowns. Queen Elizabeth passed down the crown to her daughter, Princess Margaret, in 1959, just before her wedding day. It became one of her go-to tiaras.

While you don't see this tiara too often anymore, Kate Middleton has worn it on more than one occasion.