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The Most Stunning Royal Tiaras And Their History

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14. The Cambridge Sapphire Parure
The Cambridge Sapphire Parure has a long, winding history. The blue stones of the tiara belonged to the Duchess of Cambridge in 1818, who was known as Queen Mary of Teck's grandmother. The Duchess then passed them along to her daughter, Augusta, when she married in 1843, and Queen Mary eventually inherited them in 1916. She fashioned the sapphires into a tiara, and it became one of her most-worn pieces. 

In 1934, Queen Mary gifted the tiara to her daughter-in-law Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, who was marrying her son, Prince George, Duke of Kent. When Princess Marina died in 1968, the headpiece was inherited by her son and daughter-in-law, the current Duke and Duchess of Kent, but its whereabouts are now unknown. It is believed that the tiara has been sold.