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The Most Stunning Royal Tiaras And Their History

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What's a princess without her tiara? It's rare (if unheard of) to see a duchess, princess, or queen at an official event without a tiara adorning her head. Because of that, we have gotten an extensive glimpse into what kind of headpieces the British royal family has tucked away in its royal vaults. From wedding tiaras, to family heirlooms, to recently commissioned pieces, they're all gorgeous and full of history. 

There are tiaras that are over a century old, like The Spencer Tiara that Princess Diana wore on her wedding day in 1981. Then there are those that used to belong to famous queens in history, like Queen Victoria's Fringe Tiara, which Queen Elizabeth II wore on her wedding day in 1947. Then there are the always-changing tiaras, which have either been deconstructed to make new pieces or have been added to over the years to become bigger and bigger, like the Brazilian Aquamarine Parure Tiara.

Ahead are some of the best royal tiaras of all time, along with their accompanying history. Learn how these headpieces were passed down from generation to generation, and how some were bought at auction from exiled Russian Empresses or debt-ridden princesses. See which sparkler is your favorite below!