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The Most Iconic Hairstyles From The Year You Were Born

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Like fashion, hairstyles can make their mark on an era — like the beehive of the '50s, the Jackie O bob of the ‘60s, the flippy layers of the ‘70s, and those hair-sprayed bangs of the '80s. And let’s not forget the iconic Rachel cut of the ‘90s or the chunky highlights and layers of the 2000s. Some ‘dos can totally transport us back to the past. After all, hairstyles aren't just pretty, they have the power to encapsulate an era.

From the '50s to the early '00s, these are the hairstyles we'll always remember from decades past. They started out as trends made famous by the celebrities of the day, and now they’ve become unforgettable styles that represent a whole era. Isn't it amazing that a new hairstyle can change your look, your life, and even how we remember the past? Whether you look back at these ‘dos with delight or with dislike, whether you think they’re worth reviving or should just be worn as a Halloween costume, there's no denying these are the most iconic hairstyles of recent decades!

Do you know which 'do was all the rage the year you came into the world? Click through to find out.