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The Biggest Movie Star From The Year You Were Born

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Hollywood constantly turns out the newest crop of A-listers with each award season, but sometimes it's fun to hit pause and go back in time, appreciating the bygone stars of the silver screen. Before we had Angelina Jolie and George Clooney, we had stars like Humphrey Bogart and Judy Garland.

The movie landscape has certainly changed over the years, but idolizing actors and actresses has always been en vogue, even from back in the '40s when names like Greer Garson and Bing Crosby were the talk of Tinseltown. Movie stars have been well loved (and at times loathed) since Hollywood's beginning. 

So now let's go back and see which big screen names were popular in your era. Were you born during Marilyn Monroe's heyday, or did your birthday land in the years that black actresses were making history and getting nominated in categories that used to ignore them? Were you born when Casablanca was all the rage, or when I Love Lucy was the hot ticket? Click ahead to find out!