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A dog can truly be your best friend and loyal companion. Sometimes they're even better than husbands, in fact. Thankfully, there are also many kinds of dogs, which means there's a great four-legged friend out there for you no matter where you are in life.

When we have young families, active dogs are the ones we choose. Once the kids are grown and our lifestyles change, a less active dog may be best. If a low-maintenance, kinda lazy dog is what you're looking for, adopting a rescue dog who is a few years old or, better yet, a senior dog who just wants a warm comfy spot to live out their golden years is probably best. You might not want to start over again with a puppy if your kids are out of the house and retirement is on the horizon...

To help you decide which breed of dog is best for you, here are 30 breeds that are typically couch potato-like by nature and will be the perfect companion for your lifestyle.

Once you've decided what you're looking for in a dog, be sure to check out rescues in your area (there are even breed-specific rescues in many cities) or work with a local foster organization to find your new furry friend.