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Here Are The AKC's 30 Most Popular Dog Breeds

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Every year, the American Kennel Club publishes its list of the year's most popular dog breeds. While there are a few changes each year, there are a lot of breeds that are continually in the top each year — some you'll expect, others may surprise you.

For example the top 3 dogs on the list have been in the same 1, 2, 3 spots every year since 2013! Other breeds have steadily risen up the ranks over the years, like the French bulldog. 

The full AKC list ranks 100 breeds and here we detail the first 30 on the list then give you an adorable dog of that breed to follow on Instagram to continue your obsession. Whether or not your favorite kind of pup is in the top 30, you'll love looking at these adorable pooches.

And, remember, adopt don't shop! There are often breed-specific rescues in your area who can help place you with the right dog for you.