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Style Icons From The Year You Were Born

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Hollywood has always been a beacon of style inspiration, where the actresses that light up the silver screen show up to red carpets wearing sophisticated designer pieces, step out to lunch wearing well-tailored dresses and pantsuits, and walk onto their films styled to perfection by the leading designers in the industry.

It's hard to look frumpy when you have a team behind the scenes making sure you're done up to the nines. It's also hard to not look glamorous when you have an impressive bank account that allows you to shop on Rodeo Drive and Champs-Elysées. A-listers have been displaying flawless fashion from the beginning of Hollywood, right back to the silent black-and-white films of the 1900s.

And no matter what year you were born in, there has always been a starlet that was the prevailing "It Girl" in fashion. From Bette Davis with her bleached blonde hair and inventive skirt suits, to Marilyn Monroe and her bodacious pin-up style, to Brigitte Bardot and her Dolly Bird aesthetic. Click ahead to see all the style icons from the year you were born. Revel at how much fashion has changed and how — even though the dress styles are different — good taste always looks the same.