Fitness Expert Janine Delaney On Being 50 & Fabulous

Fitness guru Janine Delaney is CoverGirl's newest ambassador, and she has lots to teach us about makeup, motivation, and not letting age define us.

Age is nothing but a number, and fitness expert Janine Delaney proves that perfectly. Delaney is 48 years old, but she feels better physically and mentally than ever before, and she has made it her mission to help women of all ages get to the point where they feel the same. 

"Your twenties and thirties are full of insecurities and stereotypical ideas of what being fit really means, at least for me. Now that I am embarking on 50, I have learned that fit is about being strong in mind, body and soul and feeling confident in your own skin," Delaney shares with It's Rosy. "Accepting the passage of time is a necessary evil, so the less you can fight it and the more you can embrace it, the happier you and those around you will be."

Delaney has always had an active lifestyle. She danced professional ballet when she was younger, and moved on to teaching exercise and nutrition classes. If that isn't impressive enough, she also competes and places in figure competitions. Beyond doing that, she's a psychologist and raising teenagers. (The woman has a full plate!) She also knows that people burn out and don't always have the time or energy to put on their Lululemons and work out each day — which is why she created workouts, nutrition tips, and a motivational blog to give women the tools to make juggling their lifestyles and leading a healthy life doable.

"For many people, age makes them think about what they can no longer do, and not what they can do. Aging should be a wake-up call to ditch bad habits and start new, healthy ones. It is all in how you look at things," Delaney says. 

So how do you convince yourself to start taking better care of yourself? It's all about starting with small, achievable goals that you can master to motivate yourself. That way you don't get frustrated and quit. "I started jump roping at 42 and would go to the gym on off-hours when no one was there so that I could teach myself without the embarrassment. If it is important to you, you will make the time and eventually see results," Delaney explains. 

Thanks to her down-to-earth approach to feeling and looking good, Delaney has just become CoverGirl's ambassador for the brand's new active makeup collection. Because of that, she has many tips when it comes to fresh-faced makeup for women over 50. 

Makeup is a little different for women who are 50+. You need different products in your arsenal and to shift your focus to different skin care needs. Below are some of Delaney's tips on how to change up your makeup routine as you mature. 

Prime Your Eyelids

Even if you don’t have oily eyelids, using primer can help buff away some of your fine lines and keep your eyeliner and shadow on all day. "As we age, our skin becomes thinner, especially around our eyes, often resulting in uneven tones of purples, blues, and reds," Delaney says. "Tap a very thin layer of eye primer to the lids to even out the tone to a neutral color. This will result in a more vibrant, long-wearing eye shadow application."

Fill In Your Brows

While lipstick and foundation are the usual go-to, don't forget your brows. "As we age, our brows tend to stop growing back after waxing and tweezing. They also start to sprout some unwanted grays," Delaney shares. "Using a brow gel is the perfect fix. Take the brow gel wand and brush throughout brows in an upward and outward motion to fill in sparse spots and to coat."

Lock In Your Look With Setting Spray

Setting spray will make the difference when it comes to having to reapply your foundation multiple times throughout the day. "As your skin changes, your makeup may fade faster than it did in the past. Fortunately, setting your look with the right product not only can keep your face on all day, it can keep your face looking radiant, too," Delaney says.

Get A Dewy Look With Facial Oil

You might have been taught that oil = bad, but it can actually become a makeup weapon when you're over 50. "The easiest way to achieve that youthful dewy look is with a little oil. Pressing a face oil onto the cheekbones will give a glow and help hydrate, which can take years off," Delaney explains.

But whether you love putting on cosmetics or opt to go without most days doesn't matter. For Delaney, she just wants women to know that aging is a gift, and it doesn't have to limit you if you don't let it.

When it comes to hitting the milestone 5-0 birthday, Delaney is excited. "I am most looking forward to challenging myself and embarking on new adventures that I never even thought possible in my younger years," she shares. "Breaking boundaries is still possible even at 50 — I started jump roping at 42, started my Instagram account at 48, and acquired 1 million followers in a year. I am excited to see what is next!"

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