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Stars Over 50 Who Break Style Rules

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April 30, 2017 - AFP more pics like this »
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When you turn a certain age, all these new fashion rules descend upon you in order to make you "age appropriate." The only problem with that is "age appropriate" is usually synonymous with "boring." From barring low-cut necklines, short minis, loud prints, cheerful pops of color, and anything that allows you to feel like you're sexy and you stand out, there are a lot of limits. 

But there are a handful of celebs over 50 who don't subscribe to those rules - and they just might inspire you to ignore them as well! From wearing plunging neckline dresses, to suiting up in eye catching prints, to ditching the heels and wearing sneakers with their dresses, these women refuse to believe that their age has anything to do with their wardrobe.