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Royal Family Protocols

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December 12, 2018 - TOBY MELVILLE/Getty Images Europe more pics like this »
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It's not easy being a royal. While you're in charge of representing an entire nation, there's an invisible web of etiquette rules working behind the scenes that you need to follow. The monarchy relies on convention and tradition, and there seems to be a rule for just about everything. Even if you're the most powerful woman in the world, Queen Elizabeth oftentimes isn't allowed to just do what she wishes. The monarch has a list of protocols she needs to follow to uphold the reputation of the family. Sometimes it includes things that make sense in terms of her seat in government — like not voting so as not to position herself with one particular side of Parliament and alienating the other. It makes sense. But then there are rules, such as wearing only natural hue nail polishes and never taking coats off while out in public, that are a little more eccentric.

Then there are clever fashion rules that the Queen came up with to nix any social awkwardness while out meeting with people. She wears those bright colors so it's easier to spot her in a crowd, and her purse is often used to quietly signal her aids in sneaky ways. Click ahead to see all the protocol rules the royal family has to follow.