Hello From It’s Rosy’s New Editor

Thanks for joining me on this journey as we move into the new — and best — phases of our lives.

Hello From It’s Rosy’s New Editor

Years ago, a close family friend told me he would never date a woman younger than 50. “Any woman younger than 50 hasn’t lived life,” he emphatically declared. I was much younger then, but his words still resonated with me.

Now that I’m older, sometimes I find myself plucking feverishly at my gray hairs — and then I stop and remind myself of his words (or if all else fails, I physically sit on my hands). After all, a silver strand here and there is a reminder that I’m living life.

Today's older women are healthier, better educated, and living longer than any previous generation. We’re not afraid of a little gray, and we’re not about to hide our scars and laugh lines. These are all part of what defines us. (If you’re here at It’s Rosy, I’m guessing you share that sentiment too.)

It's Rosy encourages women to "defy expectations and celebrate their journey.” That journey can include family, illness, death, money, love and divorce. Life is constantly throwing us curve balls, and each time, we only come out stronger and wiser.

As the new It’s Rosy editor, I’m hoping you’ll share this journey with me. I’ve spent the past two decades writing and editing on topics ranging from the latest modern tech to backyard beekeeping, and now I’m looking forward to digging deeper into the stories that truly resonate with women. From wellness and family to money and sex, we’ll celebrate our wisdom — and our struggles — and together find the beauty and humor of moving into new phases of our lives.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Senior editor of It's Rosy, urban chicken farmer, beekeeper, and lover of all things DIY.