Internet All Atwitter Over Danielle Steel’s 20-Hour Workday

The best-selling author writes an astounding seven books a year and has nine children. How does she do it?

Internet All Atwitter Over Danielle Steele’s 20-Hour Workday
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Best-selling author Danielle Steel is worth a whopping $350 million and is one of the most prolific writers in the world. The 71-year-old has published 179 books (yes, you read that right) and currently comes out with seven new novels per year on average. That’s on top of having nine children.

Just how does she do it? By working 20 hours a day and not sleeping.

Glamour recently came out with a profile on Steel in which the writer explains that she works 20 to 22 hours a day and never sleeps more than four hours. Sometimes she’ll even end up spending a full 24 hours at her desk. "Dead or alive, rain or shine, I get to my desk and I do my work,” she says in the interview. “Sometimes I'll finish a book in the morning, and by the end of the day, I've started another project."

She believes today’s young people have it easy and balks at the idea of millennial burnout. “I think your twenties and a good part of your thirties are about working hard so that you have a better quality of life later on,” she says. “I mean, I never expected that quality of life at 25. I had three jobs at the same time, and after work I wrote. Now it's a promise that it's all going to be fun.”

Her revelations created a stir on Twitter, where many expressed awe and disbelief:

"Danielle Steel has written 179 books, has nine children, and doesn't drink coffee. My jaw is on the floor," wrote one Twitter user.

Another wrote: "You guys just know that it probably helps that Danielle Steel still works on a typewriter (no internet) and 100% does not f*** around on twitter (like me). Also, she has sold her soul to a crossroads demon, obviously."

Others were impressed by Steel's custom-made desk, handcrafted to look like giant versions of her best-selling novels. "There are many things to say about this profile of Danielle Steel: that she writes seven books a year, that she had 9 kids, that she may or may not have 6000 pairs of Louboutins. But all I can say is JFC look at her desk!" wrote one person on Twitter.

Wrote another person: "Your stupid desk vs Danielle Steel’s desk = give up."

Read the full interview here.

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