At 54, Paulina Porizkova Is Confident And Hotter Than Ever

The supermodel is embracing aging and showing what it means to disrupt the fashion industry's misconceptions about growing older.

At 54, Paulina Porizkova Is Confident And Hotter Than Ever. Here’s Why
John Lamparski/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

If the world of fashion is to be believed, beauty and star power have an expiration date, but thankfully, Czech-born model Paulina Porizkova is dispelling that myth.

The 54-year-old will be featured in the upcoming 2019 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated almost completely unretouched — 36 years after first appearing in the magazine’s pages at the young age of 17. And she recently opened up to Good Morning America about her thoughts on aging and what it means to embrace growing older.

She admitted that when she first heard that the SI images wouldn't be retouched, she was a little scared, but then she decided that she's confident about the way she looks.

"When MJ [Day, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editor] sent me the pictures, she was like, 'So we're not going to do any retouching, just like on the minor, minor things like moles and stuff,'" she said on the morning show. "I was like 'gulp,' and it's like well, I look good for 54."

She turned to the applauding audience and said, "But you ladies know that looking good at 54 is not the same as just looking good, right?...It's like the compliment where you get, "Oh, you still look great." Could you just say, "You look great?"  

Sports Illustrated's Day said she's thrilled to feature Porizkova in the magazine because the model is "outspoken and honest and she really is an advocate for ageism, which I think is a really important topic to address… Because beauty doesn't end at 30. Beauty doesn't end at 40."

Porizkova regularly posts makeup-free photos on Instagram, insisting that women shouldn't conform to society's expectations about beauty and perfection. 

"54 and proud of it!" she writes in one post. "This, folks, is the real me, no fillers, no Botox, no makeup."

Check out her Instagram feed for more pics of this inspirational stunner. Clearly, beauty and grace have no age limits.

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