Helena Christensen Proudly Shows Off Her Sexy, Over-50 Beach Bod

Weeks after a former fashion editor calls her "slightly tragic" for wearing a bustier, the supermodel has a message for women everywhere.

Helena Christensen Proudly Shows Off Her Hot, Over-50 Beach Bod
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Helena Christensen is rocking Instagram with her sexy beach bod, just weeks after former fashion editor Alexandra Shulman called the 50-year-old model out for being "too old" to wear a bustier.

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"We might like to think that 70 is the new 40 and 50 the new 30 but our clothes know the true story," Schulman wrote in an age-shaming rant in The Daily Mail, calling Christensen's fashion choice "disturbing and slightly tragic."

Christensen's response to Shulman was an inspiration to women everywhere. She posted yet another shot of herself in the bustier on Instagram and wrote: "Let’s continue to elevate and support each other, all you beautiful, smart, fun, sexy, hard working, talented, nurturing women out there." 

And what better way to follow up her touché than by showing off her cheeky side in a luscious purple one-piece?

Christensen's Instagram followers voiced their wild approval of the beach shot:

"My booty hasn’t looked like that since my 20’s & even then it didn’t look LIKE THAT!!" wrote one fan. 

"One of the most mesmerizing models we still have😮," wrote another.

Still others compared the sexy beach shot to Christensen's look in Chris Isaak's 1991 "Wicked Game" music video, which helped bring the model to worldwide fame.

"Wicked Games by Chris Isaac redo ❤️," wrote one Instagram fan.

We agree — and we think she's just as sultry and riveting now as she was 28 years ago. What are your thoughts?

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