Mesmerizing...And Just A Little Creepy: Stuffies That Look Exactly Like Your Pet

Admit it: When you're best furry friend passes on, cloning doesn't seem like such a bad idea. But what about clone stuffies instead?

We’ve all heard the stories about people who fork over $50K to have their dog or cat cloned after their beloved pet passes on. And admit it: Part of you feels slightly horrified, and another part of you — if you've lost your own furry best friend — thinks, “I don’t know...I can see how someone might be tempted.”

But so many things can go wrong with cloning. (It might not even end up looking like your original pet!) Then again, sometimes it’s hard to imagine life without your favorite four-legged buddy.

The good news is that you can replicate your pet — in looks anyway — without spending thousands of dollars. A company called Cuddle Clones makes handmade stuffies customized to look exactly like your pet.

The process is pretty easy. You upload photos of your pet, tell them about any unique characteristics (such as if Buddy has a spot on his tail or a floppy ear), and then choose which position you want the stuffy to be in: sitting, standing, lying down. You pay $249 with standard shipping. And voila! Your plush clone will arrive at your doorstep in eight weeks.

Mesmerizing...And Just A Little Creepy: Stuffies That Look Exactly Like Your Pet

They make slippers and golf head covers, too, if you're looking for something a little more whimsical.

Scroll through their online gallery and see just how realistic some of their plush clones are.

Creepy? A little. But they're also pretty cute, and we can see how they might bring comfort to someone who has fond memories of their favorite pet. And hey, it's a lot cheaper than cloning.

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