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Sure, naming a child is one of the biggest name-related decisions you can make in your life, but dog names are a big deal too. After all, we believe that our four-legged friends are absolutely members of the family. (Sometimes they're our favorite members of our families...)

And unlike naming a child, there's a little less risk with naming your dog. Your dog isn't going to be ridiculed at school for a "weird" name or be turned down for a job, of course. But you should give your pooch a name that will fit it for its whole life and be something you don't mind saying about a zillion times over the years — in the comfort of your own home and at the dog park or at the beach, etc. 

The following list of names are some of the most popular dog names from the last few years. They're tried and true (and really cute) and you should consider them when you're naming your new family member. As an added bonus, we include a tidbit about what kind of personality we envision for the person who owns a dog with this name. They're meant to be taken with a grain of salt — that is, unless we nailed it. Enjoy!