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Mother Of The Bride Dress Ideas That Are Fab Not Frumpy

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It was probably fun to go dress shopping with your daughter for her wedding dress. After all, everyone's eyes will be on her, and it is her special day. You get to make an appointment and drink champagne while she tries on beautiful gowns, and there's a style for every size and shape to look perfect on her day.

As the wedding gets closer, it gets more personal. You have to find a dress to wear yourself. There are no champagne glasses and only a few dresses at each store, so you have to go to lots of places to find the right dress.

Trouble is, it's hard to know what even to look for. You want to look good in the pictures, and your daughter needs to approve. But do you want cocktail length or ankle length? Do you want shiny and glamorous or more simple and classic? What color? Here are some beautiful mother of the bride dresses to give you inspiration.