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Here's What Every U.S. State Is Worst At

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We all have our pluses and minuses, and that extends to the states we live in. When there are 50 states in one country, it's only natural for some places to excel more in certain things than others, whether that's in substantial things like cost of living and clean air, or small things like accessibility to walking and how nice the scenery is. We all know what our states are great at, but what are they bad at? In honor of that curiosity, we rounded up what every U.S. state is worst at. Some of these answers might surprise you. 

These categories run the gamut, from worst place to enjoy happy hour to worst place to be a working mom. These issues often stem from the culture, demographic, and values of the state, meaning the state's "worst in" category offers it a chance to reflect on what it needs to work on. For example, California has the worst air pollution in the nation, which is caused by wildfires instead of car pollution. Because of this, the state legislature is focused on passing climate change laws to curb the issue. 

Scroll down to see what every U.S. state is worst at. Where does your state fall?