Fitness Fashion Guaranteed To Get You Moving

Nothing will motivate you quite like giving your workout gear a fashion refresh.

Did you start off 2020 with every intention of getting in shape? You told yourself you’d start hitting the gym, join a yoga class, or log those 10,000 steps on your Fitbit. But then life just got in the way (work, chores, family, you name it), and without quite meaning to, you ended up skipping another gym session and ultimately tossing your fitness goals out the window. We’ve all been there. Life is hectic, and sometimes working out is the first thing to drop off our to-do lists. 

The good news is that it’s never too late to get started with an exercise regime. And the best way to do that is to give your workout gear a fashion refresh. After all, if you’re going to put in all that hard work, you might as well feel comfortable and stylish while you’re doing it.  And sometimes updating your workout wardrobe can give you the extra push you need to get motivated and get going

But with so many activewear brands out there, it can be hard to find the gear that’s just right for you. That’s where we come in… We’ve rounded up our favorite fitness fashions that will take you from the gym to your local cafe with style. From the comfiest athletic shoes, to the stretchiest leggings, to the fanciest gym bag, check out our picks for the best workout clothes for 2020.

Best Yoga-To-Brunch Sweatshirt 

Love, love, love this sweatshirt. I have it in three different colors, and I'm such a fan of it that I've given one to my sister, my mom, and my daughter. It's incredibly soft, lightweight and comfortable, and you can easily dress it up or down. I like to wear it to my morning exercise class, and then I'll throw it on top of a pair of jeans for hopping around town. I've even worn it out to dinner with friends – and I always get compliments on it.

Mindset Sweatshirt, $69, Athleta

Figure-Flattering Leggings

These leggings are perfect for both hanging out and working out. The material is thick but soft and supportive, making them comfortable for either lounging around or a hardcore workout. They’re flattering and look fabulous on any body type. Plus, there are tons of cute patterns to choose from, so you’re sure to find just the right look for you. We love the side pocket, which is functional and will easily fit your phone. And the back zip pocket is perfect for storing your keys.

Zero Gravity High-Waisted Leggings, $135, Sweaty Betty

Shoes To Prevent Aches And Pains

You'll want to wear these shoes all day long. They're that comfortable. Hoka running shoes are a game changer for those with aches and pains. The brand has specific lines for trail running and hiking options, but the Hoka One Torrent running shoes are great for pretty much any kind of workout. They have the perfect amount of cushioning, extraordinary grip, and excellent arch support. And plenty of shock absorption means you won't be putting a ton of pressure on your knees and feet.

Hoka One Torrent Running Shoes, $119.95, ShoeMall

The Water Bottle You're Seeing Everywhere

You don't have to be a VSCO girl to own a Hydro Flask. Now it seems like everyone is hopping on the Hydro Flask bandwagon. After all, toting around a Hydro Flask shows just off how eco-conscious you are. The insulation of this vacuum-insulated metal bottle is definitely impressive. I've put ice cubes in my drinks and have opened up the water bottle the next day to find that bits of ice are still in there. Just don't forget to personalize yours by putting stickers on it.

20-ounce Wide Mouth Bottle, $37.95, Hydro Flask

Eco-Friendly Leggings

Sure, ditching plastic in favor of reusable water bottles is Earth-friendly. But if you want to kick it up a notch, go with a clothing brand that's invested in sustainability. Girlfriend Collective's Compressive High-Rise Leggings are made out of recycled water bottles and recycled polyester. Does it get any more sustainable than that? And these leggings feel and look great, too. Soft, stretchy, thick, and just the right amount of compression to make your legs look great without restricting circulation.

Compressive High-Rise Leggings, $68, Girlfriend Collective

For Sweat-Free Feet

Say goodbye to blisters. Feetures socks are breathable, cushiony, and will keep your feet feeling oh-so-cool and dry even with the most grueling workout. We love that they never slide into your shoes. (Is anything more annoying than a sock that gets scrunched up beneath your heel?) You can choose from a wide array of colors, so you can find a pair to look fab with every fitness outfit. Pro tip: If you’re experiencing dry feet, slather them with Aquaphor and wear these bad boys at night.

Feetures Ultra Light No Show Tab Socks, $15.99, Holabird Sports

Keep Your Drinks Ice-Cold For Hours

If you're not keen on jumping on the Hydro Flask bandwagon, you can't go wrong with a S'well bottle. They're easy to carry and fit nicely in any cup holder. I have multiple ones — since admittedly I'm the kind of person who stuffs their water bottle in the seat-back pocket of an airplane and accidentally leaves it there. S'well bottles will keep things hot or cold for hours, and they're super-durable. (No ugly dings after I've dropped mine multiple times on a hardwood floor.) Sure, they're almost as pricey as a Hydro Flask — but worth every penny.

S'well water bottle, $35, Nordstrom

Extra Warmth Without The Bulk

Lightweight and flattering, Patagonia’s down vest is perfect for those days when you don’t want a jacket but you need something in the morning when you head to the gym. It provides just the right amount of warmth without feeling too bulky. Wear it hiking or out to run errands — it goes with everything, and you can dress it up or down. We love that you can compress it for easy packing. Comfy, cozy, and the quality is amazing.

Patagonia Down Vest, $179, Nordstrom

The Must-Have Tank

I could go on and on about how much I love this tank. The Tasc Performance Nola tank has a perfect cut and is lightweight — without being sheer. The fabric is soft and comfortable and allows you to stay cool during a hot workout. It's easy to wash, too. The high crew neck gives you a reasonable amount of modesty at the gym, but without being frumpy. It comes in a bunch of different colors, including true blue, navy, fuchsia, white, and mint. But be forewarned: If you buy one, you’ll want to buy more.

Nola Tank, $38, Tasc Performance

For The '80s Fanatic

There’s something so deliciously ‘80s about Adidas track pants. Remember when all the cool kids had track pants? The trend was made popular thanks partly to the Beastie Boys and LL Cool J. 

Sure, we don’t like everything about ‘80s fashion (hello, shoulder pads and leg warmers). But some things were so hip, they were bound to make a modern-day comeback. Adidas track pants are one such trend — and we’re happily embracing it. Comfortable, retro, and chic. What could be better than that?

Adidas track pants, $65, Nordstrom

Best Budget-Friendly Leggings

You can never have too many leggings. And these high-waisted, full-length leggings are so budget-friendly, you can buy multiple pairs of them in different patterns, from dark leopard print (shown here), to green camo, to snake print, to soft pink with flowers. They’re soft and comfortable, yet give you just the right amount of compression — enough to hide unsightly cellulite. And they don’t bunch up or slide down, even when you’re doing sit-ups or squats. We just wish they had a side pocket.

Colorfulkoala High-Waisted Pattern Leggings, Amazon, $29.99

A Game Changer For Faster Recovery

If you've ever been to a physical therapist's office, you've probably noticed that they have a percussive massage device on hand. Massage guns can help lessen muscle soreness, loosen up tight spots, and even ease chronic pain. Everyone from professional athletes to regular gym-goers praise the benefits of these devices. And the great thing is that you can use them from the comfort of your own home. Rather than pay for an expensive massage for muscle soreness post-workout, just use one of these.

Hypervolt Vibration Massage Device, $349, Best Buy

A Sophisticated Gym Tote

Who says you need a rugged-looking tote just because you’re heading to this gym? While this bag is on the pricey side, it will take you effortlessly from a workout to the office or brunch — and there’s no need to look like you’ve got a bunch of sweaty clothes tucked away inside. It has plenty of storage and three removable zipper bags for keeping dirty clothes away from clean ones. It’s also easily crushable and packable; you can use the largest of the zipper bags to fold up the bag and store it away.

MZ Wallace Large Sutton tote, $255, Lyst

For The Chic Commuter

Sleek, durable, and roomy, this bag is perfect for going to and from the gym, and it works well as an everyday work backpack, too. The roll-top design gives you lots of room for your gear. This bag can easily hold a 13-inch laptop, along with your gym clothes and shoes, so you can sneak in a workout during your lunch break. It holds a good amount of weight, and the water bottle holder on the side is super convenient.

Nike Radiate Graphic Training Backpack, $60, Nordstrom

Tried-And-True Running Shorts

If you ever do any running — or even a lazy jog — you can't go wrong with these shorts. I love pretty much anything Lululemon, and these shorts are no exception. Comfy, stylish, and the perfect length (no thigh-rubbing with these shorts). I'm a big fan of the zippered side pocket, so I can keep my ID and keys on me while running without worrying about them falling out. They hold up well and are easy to wash. Win, win, win.

Tracker Short V, $58, Lululemon

A Super-Stretchy Sports Bra

Let's face it, running and jumping during a workout is pretty darn uncomfortable without some sort of bra support. But shopping for a sports bra can be tricky. With all the different shapes, padding, fits, and fabrics out there, it can be hard to hone in on one that you absolutely love. But the Zensah sports bra has a cult following for a reason. It’s supportive, has an amazing fit, and it doesn’t leave chafe lines like so many other sports bras do.

Zensah Seamless Sports Bra, $34.99 and up, Amazon

For Extra Layering

Move over, grubby sweatshirts. We've found something even better. You can wear this stylish jacket for hiking, biking, work, and more. On a chilly morning, just throw this on top of your workout outfit, and you'll be ready to go. This windbreaker fits comfortably over multiple layers and has tons of pockets for storage. The material is great for keeping you warm without making you feel sweaty. And an adjustable waistband means it will never ride up while you're exercising. Available in Rosario Pink and Black.

Stay Fly Windbreaker, $138, Athleta

The Best Stability Shoes 

Don't just wear the same old athletic shoes for everything. If you're into HITT (high-intensity interval training) workouts or weight training, I recommend getting a pair of the Nike Metcon 5 training shoes. I like to wear my Hokas for running and these for gym workouts since they have great traction and extra stability for heavy lifting.

Metcon 5 Training Shoe, $130, Nike

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