50 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Refresh your look after 50 with one of these timeless hairstyles.


Throughout the course of her life, a woman might sport over a dozen different hairstyles, if not many, many more. As a child, she’ll be subjected to whatever her own parents like, such as a curly bob or a thick mane that flows down her back. Perhaps they’ll keep her tresses in tight braids throughout elementary school. The teen years might bring some rebellion to her hairstyle; a little edge in the form of some pink hair dye or an undercut, or even a mullet for the truly adventurous. Eventually, some gravitate toward more classic looks, like side-swept bangs, sleek ponytails for the office, or maybe fancier updos for evenings out.

But as we get older and our hair slowly changes, many of us get stuck relying on the same old hairstyles — whether they’re flattering or not. So why should women over 50 give up on changing their look?

gorgeous new hairstyle is just the thing to liven up your look, no matter what your age. While many of us might wait until a major life-altering moment to switch things around (like a divorce or career switch), it’s not necessary to wait to embolden your hairstyle. We may have a few extra considerations when it comes to our hair at this point, such as graying and thinning, or even changes in texture. These factors might also prohibit women from playing around with their hairstyles, but I say one should simply modify their look to maximize the potential of the hair they’ve got. Few things can make a woman feel more beautiful than the perfect flattering hairstyle.

Here, we’ve given you fifty different styles to choose from. All you have to do is scroll through to see what looks might work best for you and your particular type of hair. Oh, and don’t forget to bookmark this page for the next time you’re at the salon. Your stylist will thank you for coming prepared!

Dark Beach Waves

Whether you’re still hitting the beach regularly or you’re more of a mainland dame, singer Gloria Estefan’s dark waves are absolutely stunning. This simple hairstyle is perfect for any occasion as it requires little upkeep for those who have natural waves. Run your fingers through your hair after showering (no brushing!) and maybe throw on a spritz of Nioxin Niospray Strong Hold Hairspray to keep those waves strong all day long:

A Crown Of Ringlets

Sometimes growing older means opting for hairstyles that give the flatiron or relaxation treatments a rest. Naturally curly-haired goddesses should let your ringlets encircle your face for a look you’re sure to love. Actress Alfre Woodard accomplishes this splendidly, and you can, too. It’s a perfect hairstyle for any woman who wants her face to stand out.

Short, Blonde Pixie

A pixie cut can be just the thing to transform a woman over 50 who’s tired of dealing with a potentially unmanageable mane. One way to try this well-coiffed look is to ask your hairstylist to keep it fairly short, and ask them for a light side part. You can always add a bit of Healthy Sexy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave-in Conditioner to make sure it stays looking just right:

Low Chignon Bun

When you’ve got a classy night planned, you might want to opt for a hairstyle that adds a bit more sophistication than your usual look. For the woman over 50, look to a style icon like Latin actress Salma Hayek. The gorgeous star looks extra chic with this chignon bun, complete with a center part (but feel free to part on the side if your hair is thinning a bit up top).

Short, Edgy Shag

Rock 'n' roll will never die, and neither will the styles it’s gifted to the world. Among those looks is the infamous hairstyle of one Ms. Joan Jett. The musical goddess’ edgy, pitch black shag is much shorter and tighter than it used to be — a quintessential punk rock look for the over 50 set. Just run a bit of Bumble and Bumble Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Creme afterward to give it a little something extra:

Long and Vibrant

For some of us, the color red will never go out of style — and that’s including in our hair. Screen queen Julianne Moore has maintained her sleek red tresses for 58 years and counting. For those who love the bright look, make sure to use a product like StriVectin Color Vibrancy Booster, which will help maintain your color:

Long and Curly

Not every woman wants to keep her tresses short as they mature. Some prefer to go for a more natural look. Take, for example, Viola Davis’ gorgeous ringlets, which she keeps short and bouncy. Full of shine, this simple hairstyle keeps her looking youthful as ever.

Long, Vintage-Inspired ‘Do

For those of you who love a fun retro-inspired look but aren’t quite ready for victory rolls, try something a bit more subdued. Check out Andie MacDowell’s look here. Long and sleek with very short, swooped bangs, this hairstyle is chic, elegant, and feels like something out of a '40s Hollywood film. It's the perfect look to impress just about anyone.

Teased, Silver Pixie

Rita Moreno’s timeless beauty has followed her since her days as Anita on West Side Story. While she used to rock voluminous black hair, these days, the icon now tends to wear her tresses in a glamorous textured pixie. If your hair isn’t quite a thick as Rita's, you can always pick up some Color WOW Coconut Cocktail Bionic Tonic to fatten up your mane:

Twisted Braid Updo

Sometimes all you want is a stunning hairstyle that commands the room, and while actress Mo’Nique is vibrant as is, with this creative, natural updo, she’s truly outdone herself. It’s an extremely classy hairstyle for any special occasion that will be the envy of all.

Short Platinum Fun

Rather than go all gray, some women opt for a light blonde or platinum look. It works especially well on a shorter ‘do like this one actress Gillian Anderson is sporting. She opts to brush it back up top, adding just a bit of volume, and allowing the waves and curls to fall gently in the back. 

Playful Pixie Cut

If you’ve spent most of your life taking care of long hair, you might want to change things up with a cute and classy short ‘do. Annette Bening’s adorable pixie is nice and neat on the sides and back, but remains just a little bit playful up top. It’s the perfect hairstyle for any busy woman on the go, and can be maintained with just a dollop of Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer:

High Ponytail

There’s something about a high ponytail that can make anyone look younger. They’re a little more fun and flirty than the average ponytail, and if your tresses are on the longer side, you can more than get away with it. After all, if Marisa Tomei can do it at 54, why not you?

Smooth, Layered Bob

Some might say a layered bob is a contradiction, but we’re going for it here because it really is what best describes this lovely ‘do. Chin-length with some minimal layers to give it a more windswept look, this hairstyle would look perfect on any woman over 50, including journalist Connie Chung.

Loc Bob

Simple styles can be just the thing for any woman over 50 who can’t (or doesn’t want to) deal with a lengthy hair care routine. Take Whoopi Goldberg’s dreadlocked bob, which is just long enough to frame the face. This short ‘do requires very little daily upkeep. You can always add a little of Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter now and again to make sure your style stays solid:

Tousled Chignon

When you’ve got a big night out, there are a few ways to go. The chignon, a knot or bun-style that lies on the neck, is fairly popular on the runway and red carpet, so why not for you as well? Give it a little extra sass like Holly Hunter with a slightly more tousled, textured look.

Mini Beehive Updo

For an even fancier look, invoke a bit of the '60s with a stylish beehive updo. Rather than going full Priscilla Presley (or even Marge Simpson), keep the volume noticeable but subtle. Achieve the look by adding Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse for height:

Queenly Top Knot

In terms of hairstyles, there are few more regal than the top knot on a gracefully aging woman. If you’re ever looking to add something special to an already gorgeous hairstyle, a crown is never a bad idea. While some may feel it’s over the top, we don’t see any reason not to celebrate your queenly status just like Wonder Woman herself, Ms. Lynda Carter.

Body and Bangs

Bangs have long been a friend to any woman looking to completely transform her look. Whether it’s day to day or for a special occasion, you can give yourself a total makeover with this gorgeous hairstyle. While it’s been a signature look for actress Zooey Deschanel, 54-year-old Rosie Perez works it like a dream as well. Keep your hair as shiny and healthy as Rosie’s by using Nature Queen Anti-Aging Nourishing Serum:

Deep Side Part

If you’re fortunate enough to still have plenty up top, playing with bangs and parts can be a quick, easy way to change up your hairstyle. Those who normally part their hair in the middle should test out a deep side part. They can add a touch of mystery or playfulness, just like they do on 52-year-old model Daisy Fuentes.

Short, Slick, Sleek

It’s not hard to class up a hairstyle simply by adding a bit of product and slicking it back. Just take a gander at Emma Thompson’s short, slick hairstyle. A product like Caviar Style Shape Versatile Creme Gel will give you the perfect hold and shine without adding that crunchiness some lesser gels leave behind:

Waves Upon Waves

Few women have transformed their look as much as Madonna. In a more recent iteration, she’s chosen to don a sea of gorgeous, thick waves. It’s a style that goes back to the days of Rita Hayworth and beyond, and it can be your next glamorous hairstyle, too. Achieve the look with the Bed Head A Wave We Go Adjustable Deep Waver:

Face-Framing Layers

You might remember just how popular face-framing layers were in the '90s when the show Friends was all the rage, but this flattering hairstyle was a favorite of many women long before Jennifer Aniston wore it. Check out how gorgeous it looks on Everybody Loves Raymond actress Patricia Heaton. Recreate it with the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer, adding body and smoothness all at once:

Half Up, Half Down

Of course, if you’re feeling just a bit lazy (hey, we all have our days), you can opt for a simple style. Try pulling the top half of your hair back with a hairband or some discreet hair pins to keep it chic. It’s an easy, fun look to pull off on a whim (just clean up a bit with Ouai On My Way’s dry shampoo and you’re good to go):

Long Bob

When you’re just not sure what to do with your hair, a bob is never a bad choice. If your bob requires chopping off some lengthy locks, try a long bob in case you realize you weren’t ready to go that short later on. Actress and singer Maria Conchita Alonso dons this style gracefully.

Braided Bun

Sometimes a bun is just the hairstyle you need to keep your tresses back, but you can always class this look up a little like Lucy Liu has here. By adding some mid-sized braids, she’s managed to elevate this bun and add a more regal vibe to her look.

Feathered Hair

You may recall the days when one Farrah Fawcett made young women everywhere go out and get feathered haircuts. It’s been a while since this was the predominant look, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get away with it. Style icon Raquel Welch makes it look fabulous, so why not give it a shot?

Long Pompadour

The pompadour is a style that has frequently been associated with men of the 1950s, but it was actually named after Madame de Pompadour, one of King Louis XV’s mistresses in the 1700s. Nowadays, we see men and women alike don this fun, gravity-defying hairstyle. Use a high quality brush like Dry Bar’s Texas Tease and a nice pomade to set the look:

Micro Angled Pixie

When you’re not quite ready to shave off your hair but don’t want as much to fuss with, there’s always the tried and true pixie. There are numerous ways to wear this short ‘do, of course. If you don’t want to bother with another cut for a while, try going for a micro pixie. You could even add fun angled bangs like actress Sharon Stone.

Fluffed Out Curls

Some dames don’t ever part with their locks. Look at singer Diana Ross, who even at 74 years of age is still looking fly as ever with her fluffed out hair. If you’ve got naturally curly locks, keeping them looking their best is essential for pulling off a loose, voluminous look like this. You can count on the Living Proof Timeless Shampoo and Conditioner set to give your tresses proper care daily:

Half Slick, Half Loose

Ponytails have served their purpose a long while and continue to be a go-to style for many individuals. Opt for a low-key look by emulating Angela Bassett. Slick it down up top and tie it up by the nape of your neck. Then let your natural hair flow free.

Platinum Pixie

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she decides she’s tired of dyeing her hair. If that sounds familiar, you’re in good company. Jamie Lee Curtis has been making her platinum pixie cut look good for years now, and you can, too. Since your hair won’t be too long, feel free to use the Olivia Garden Finger Brush for a bit of styling or tousling — lady’s choice:

Long and Smooth

Sandra Bullock has always caused hair envy. Her thick, dark tresses have been her staple since her days driving buses full of explosives. The 54-year-old actress keeps her hair shiny, healthy, and long. You can do the same by using John Frieda Luminous Glaze on your mane:

High Bun

Whether you’re a petite woman or you simply enjoy the height, a high bun can give the appearance of being taller. It’s also a genuinely sophisticated hairstyle, which is probably why actress Laura Harring opted to don it for this film screening.

Low Ponytail

For older gals dealing with the nuisance that is hair loss, ponytails are generally a big no-no. That said, this fun, no fuss style is a much better option. Give Allison Janney’s shorter style a fair shot, but be sure to keep it loose and even.

Ombre to Grey

There’s no way not to instantly fall in love with this look, worn by goddess Cicely Tyson. Rather than go full gray, Tyson opts to play around with her look by incorporating shades of white, gray, and black for a spectacular ombre. Braving this look? Try the Croc Classic Black Titanium Flat Iron for a more dramatic effect:

Long Bangs

If you’ve been maintaining bangs for some time and are tired of the upkeep, you can always grow them out to a playful, youthful length. 52-year-old Halle Berry makes it work by pulling the rest of her tresses in a bun — but you can really style it any way you please.

Messy Bouffant

Perhaps you’re the type of woman whose hairstyle more closely resembles the daily looks of one Helena Bonham Carter. The gothic actress certainly keeps her tresses flowing wildly, but in this case, she’s put them into a tousled, tied up bouffant. Try it out on your own hair for a look that’s instantly feminine.

Shoulder Waves

When you’re unsure whether to go longer or chop off your entire mane, going for a shoulder-length hairstyle works best. Flattering and easy to manage, air dry your hair and run some product through it to emulate this look seen here on actress Mariska Hargitay.

Subtle Flip

Back in the '60s, plenty of gals wore their hair in a flip style, some with substantially more volume than others. Here, Julia Louis Dreyfus offers a sleeker version of the flip hairstyle. It’s not too difficult to master with the use of the Bio Ionic iDry Whisper Pro-Dryer, which helps you achieve the perfect flip all around:

Pompadour and Undercut

Maybe you’re done with playing around with femme looks or perhaps they’ve never appealed to you. Here, comedian Lea DeLaria shows us how an undercut topped with a pompadour can really look sharp.

Chopped Pixie Bob

Few actresses are as beloved as Helen Mirren. The talented star has always carried herself with style and grace, which is why we turn to her for this next hairstyle inspiration. This choppy bob fades into a pixie cut in some areas, stays long in others, and requires very little management while still making you look as lovely as Ms. Mirren.

Side Ponytail

Many of us watched Sarah Jessica Parker play a fashion-forward Manhattanite, donning all kinds of hairstyles. We keep looking to her now because she continues to model some gorgeous looks. While this look is simple to put together, SJP makes her side ponytail look more elegant than we could imagine.

Braided Top Knot

Women who prefer their natural hair in braided styles might enjoy this next regal ‘do. Rather than leaving braids flowing loose, start by pulling your hair back and up, then create braids to tie into a top knot. Vivica A. Fox makes it work by adding a two-tone effect, with some of her hair featuring a deep red color against the rest of her black mane.

Casual Side Part

Sometimes all your hair needs is a small difference in perspective — a subtle change, like where you’re parting your hair. Actress Courteney Cox generally wears her hair parted in the center, but here she’s gone off to the side with a light combover that adds a touch of volume to her tresses.

Asymmetrical Buns

Maybe you're the woman who feels like she’s already tried it all. You’ve cut your hair this way and that, pulled it up and down, and you’re unsure what’s next. Look to a unique talent like Bjork to bring you inspiration. For this look, Bjork opted to go fully asymmetrical with her buns and a deep side part. Rest assured, you’d turn heads with this distinctive style.

Feathered and Chin-Length

Sometimes, adding a bit of choppiness and softness can really add a little life to your look. If you’ve got short to mid-length hair, try a feathered look like funny gal Lily Tomlin here. Like Tomlin, don’t be afraid to let your grays creep in. They add a certain distinction you should appreciate.

Brushed Back

When you’d like a stylish, clean look with more volume than you normally go for, all you have to do is change the direction of your brush. Give up the middle or side part and brush all your hair back instead, then spritz on some volumizer to give it your desired height. The elegant, fashion forward Catherine Deneuve certainly couldn’t be wrong about it.

Curls with a Deep Part

Curly haired gals should change up their parts now and again. Rather than having your average center part, bring your comb way off to the side to create a deep part, adding additional volume to your curly ‘do. Then, let your locks lie where they may, and make sure to add a little product to keep them nice, shiny, and smooth.

Blowout with Bangs

Bangs can soften and feminize a woman’s look, and that’s never more true than when they’re accompanied by long tresses. This hairstyle feels like a throwback to various '60s icons yet remains timeless in its own right. Make sure to use regular deep conditioning treatments to ensure your hair stays soft.

We hope you've gathered enough inspiration for the next time you feel the need to change up your hairstyle! As a reminder, It's Rosy may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.