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The Best Products For Great Skin At Any Age

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18. Sand & Sky Face Mask
This botanical infused pink clay mask is an instant detox mask that tightens pores, brightens a dull complexion, and sloughs away impurities. The Australian pink clay is one the purest clays in the world, and when you see the before and after blackhead and pore photos, you’ll be scrambling to make this part of your own bathroom beauty cabinet. (Side note: I own this and it's one of my favorite masks to minimize my pores. It truly works!)

It has received 4.6/5 stars from 334 reviews on Sand & Sky.

"I’ve been using this clay mask for over a month now and I can truly say that my skin is improving with every use. I wasn’t noticing anything at first but about 3-4 uses and my skin looks drastically better. I was also very skeptical of any changes cause I tried so many skin products and rarely do you see any skin improvement. I’m still working on my blackheads but the skin tone is getting brighter and more even, I do have a rosacea. This mask was able to control it," one reviewer posted.

Sand & Sky Face Mask, $50, Amazon