10 Great Father's Day Gift Ideas For 2019

These Father's Day gifts are so practical and fun, dad will use them all year round.

If your dad is the kind of dad who does it all — from providing love and affection to fixing every random thing that breaks in the house — there’s a good chance he doesn’t hear often enough how much he is appreciated. These 10 great Father’s Day gift ideas for 2019 are, of course, no substitute for love, hugs, kisses, and kind words, but let’s be honest — they’re the next best thing. As dad opens one of these thoughtful Father’s Day gifts, he will get the message loud and clear: he is loved. And (even more rare) he is understood.

Dads are one of the most notoriously difficult people to shop for on Father’s Day, birthdays, and around the holidays. Some swear up and down they don’t want or need anything, while others vow all they truly want is to see you happy and content (which is sweet, but not exactly something you can adorn with wrapping paper). No two dads will appreciate the same gift, so as you gather up great Father’s Day gift ideas, it’s helpful to consider what it is that makes your dad smile.

Does your father have a major case of wanderlust? Check out the sturdy, quality duffel travel bag on this list that weighs just 1.8 pounds and fits under and above plane and train seats like a dream. Perhaps your dad is a homebody who enjoys creative comforts. There’s no doubt he’ll also love the plush robe and therapeutic microwavable herbal warming slippers on this list — both of which help him create an even more luxurious home life. Or maybe your father is an outstanding chef who already has all of the knives and gadgets he could possibly need. This list provides two Father’s Day fun kitchen gadget gift options for the amateur (or professional) cook that we’d bet he doesn’t already own — but will love.

We made sure to give tech dads, fitness enthusiast dads, hard-working dads, and dads who are always wrapped up in one DIY project or another some love, too — this list includes personal Father’s Day gifts that will feel like they were made just for him.

Herschel Supply Co. Duffel Bag

If your dad is the type who feels more comfortable on an airplane headed for the next exotic destination than he does at home, the best Father’s Day gifts are any that encourage him to satisfy his wanderlust urges and plan his next big trip to the Himalayas, Puerto Vallarta, or that humble city 20 miles away from home. Dad may already have a decent set of luggage, but this quality Herschel Supply Duffel Bag is a versatile piece and always a welcome addition to any world traveler’s arsenal.

This lightweight bag weighs just 1.8 pounds and was designed with durable tech-fabric construction that can withstand plenty of wear and tear. It has a two-way zip closure that keeps items secure and safe inside and an exterior slip pocket for dad’s phone, passport, and anything else he needs to have on hand during his travels. The bag is comfortable to carry and features both top carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap that can convert to a cross body strap if that’s what dad prefers. Choose between four shades: black, blue, gray, and raven.

Shop for Herschel Supply Co. Duffel Bag for $85 at Nordstrom

UGG Robe

If your dad is a real homebody and the type of person who would, if he could, spend all day in his pajamas, gift him with the next best thing: this plush, cozy, and warm robe. UGG is best known for fuzzy, insulating boots and slippers, so it makes sense that the same brand would create a stretch-cotton jersey robe with a fleece lining so soft your dad will feel like he’s slipping into silk each day.

This robe is designed from 94 percent cotton and 6 percent spandex, which gives it just enough stretch, and it comes in two sizes: medium/large or large/extra-large. It’s a regular fit that’s cut with extra room in the chest and body so that your dad is 100 percent comfortable at all times. The robe measures 45 inches and falls right below the knee, with roomy front patch pockets where he can store his phone or the remote control. It comes in a natural, neutral shade of dark taupe, but if your dad prefers prints and colors, you can also score this UGG robe in classic navy/blue or traditional plaid.

Shop for UGG Robe for $145 at Nordstrom.

Men’s Herbal Warming Slippers

Dads who are creatures of comfort appreciate it when they are surrounded at home by all of the tools, clothing, and accessories that make them feel completely at ease in their environment. If you already have your eye on a cozy robe for dad, these herbal warming slippers are the perfect  accompanying gift. (They also stand alone on their own just fine.) These slippers provide support on hard floors and carpet and ease the discomfort of any aches and pains associated with foot conditions like plantar fasciitis or run-of-the-mill tired, fatigues feet. But they have another magical power: The insoles contain thermally conductive flax seeds and serene smelling lavender buds.

Dad can heat these herbal warming slippers up in the microwave for a few seconds, and their flax seeds retain heat for a soothing, comforting massage, while the scent of lavender helps ease his stress and promote better sleep. If your dad’s feet get too hot and sweaty during warmer months, he can store these slippers in the refrigerator — wearing them will automatically cool him down. Handmade in Argentina, they fit men’s shoe sizes 7 to 11.5.

Shop for Men’s Herbal Warming Slippers for $48 at Uncommon Goods.

Soapstone Saute Pan With Copper Handle

If your dad loves to cook, he may already own a quality set of pots and pans. Instead of asking him to trade what he knows for something completely new, gift him this one unique sauté pan that he would never dream of getting for himself. The soapstone sauté pan is handmade in Brazil and features a copper handle. It measures 7 inches in diameter and can cook up to 10 fluid ounces. And its capacity to withstand temperatures as high as 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit (which is so rare you may think you read that wrong, but it’s accurate) makes this an incredibly versatile pan — one that can be used on the stove or in the oven or broiler.

A natural, soft but sturdy stone, soapstone is celebrated for its amazing heat retention and durability. However, it will require that dad season it with oil and heat. The process is slightly involved, but fans of soapstone cookware (and there are many now and always growing) say it’s well worth the time it takes because cooking with a pan like this is a whole other experience that your chef dad will appreciate.

Shop for Soapstone Saute Pan With Copper Handle for $55 at Uncommon Goods.

Bluefish Terracotta Pizza Oven

As with the soapstone pan gift idea, it helps to follow the same rules when it comes to buying cooking gifts for dads who know their way around a kitchen: think slightly outside the box. This terra-cotta pizza oven is likely not a gadget your dad would buy for himself, but it’s one that will get him all excited about trying out or perfecting his pizza-making skills and technique. Bonus points if your dad happens to also be an avid fisherman — shaped like a bluefish, this oven combines both loves.

Dad just needs to slide dry wood to the back of this pizza oven and wait 15 minutes to let it heat up to 660 degrees — then it’s time to make artisanal wood-fired pizzas. This oven can be placed outdoors (but never in extremely cold weather) or in a home wood oven.

One reviewer writes: “I was slightly worried when I ordered this that it was too good to be true — that it would arrive broken or would be low quality — given the price. But after a week of use (and many, many, too many pizzas eaten) I'm so happy with this purchase.”

Shop for Bluefish Terracotta Pizza Oven for $149.99 at Cost Plus World Market.

Aquasana Water Filter Bottle

Your dad spends a great deal of his time in the great outdoors. Whether he’s into camping, fly fishing, or traveling to far-flung places, keeping healthy with this Aquasana Water Filter Bottle is a priority. No matter where he roams, this bottle is perfect for both everyday hydration and emergency situations that can occur during hurricanes and other times when your drinking water may be affected or compromised. 

Designed from shatter-proof and eco-friendly BPA-free plastic, this 22-ounce bottle effectively removes more than 99 percent of bacteria, lead, chlorine, cryptosporidium, and giardia that can find its way into drinking water and affect your health. This bottle comes in blue or “glacier” green and serves as an alternative to expensive bottled water. Most reviewers agree they feel safer with this water filter bottle on hand — even if they keep it stored at home in case they should one day need it in an emergency. In fact, according to one review of the Aquasana Water Filter Bottle, bottled water is not sufficiently regulated and your dad may gain even more peace of mind owning this water filter bottle.

Shop for Aquasana Water Filter Bottle for $29.99 at Best Buy.

Office Star Furniture ProGrid Mesh Manager’s Chair

Does your dad spend a ton of time at work, working from home, or relaxing in the same office chair at all times? Is he always complaining about his back, neck, legs, or his fill-in-the-blank here with another body part that is constantly aching? If any of those scenarios is relatable, dad may just need a serious chair upgrade. And this ergonomic office chair is the choice that’s going to make him (and his aching back) very happy.

This manager’s chair has a breathable mesh saddle seat and back made from supportive molded foam. Dad can adjust the height, width, and depth of these padded armrests in one of three ways and 3-position tilt control with a seat slider can be locked into place so that dad always maintains the angle and position he prefers. You can adjust the height of this chair, and it has racked up plenty of outstanding reviews and ratings. One reviewer sums up a few stellar reasons to invest in this chair for dad: “I was a bit apprehensive given the back posture this chair imposes on you. But, the chair apparatus is very customizable to pretty much any body type. I feel I retain great posture for many long hours of working at a computer. My back feels amazing and there is good support with the mesh. Assembly is easy since this is a nice minimalist chair.”

Shop for Office Star Furniture ProGrid Mesh Manager’s Chair for $208.99 at Best Buy.

Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones

If your dad is an avid runner, loves to work out to music, or just likes listening to his playlists or podcasts when he’s en route to wherever, this pair of quality wireless earbuds will provide crystal-clear sound without burdensome wires and heavy headsets. The extremely lightweight Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones feature water-repellent mesh that keeps them dry and StayHear + Sport tips and fins that keep them upright on dad’s ear, even if he’s running a 5K marathon that day.

These earbuds have Bluetooth compatibility, a volume-optimized equalizer, and a battery that keeps its charge for five hours. (The charging case that accompanies it can provide two additional full charges for a total of 10 hours.)

Bose is a trusted name in audio products, and reviews don’t lie: Most agree these earbuds deliver clear sound, are convenient to tuck away and use anywhere, and their attractive design doesn’t hurt. They come in midnight blue, orange, or black.

Shop for Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones for $169 at Nordstrom.

Fix-It Kit

Your dad may have a shed or garage bursting with hundreds of tools and gadgets that he uses for DIY projects and fast fixes around the house. But unless he can summon them together in under 10 minutes when he needs them, they can’t exactly be categorized as practical. That’s where this fix-it kit comes in — it gathers no fewer than nine tools together in one convenient vegan leather pouch that dad can zip up and carry with him anywhere (even if that means just downstairs to the basement). No matter how small or big his fix-it job proves to be, dad will find what he needs in this kit. The assortment includes an LED flashlight, hammer, long-nose pliers, 1M/3 foot tape measure, an interchangeable handle, slot screwdriver, four sockets, 10 assorted screwdriver bits, and a socket extension. Every tool stays secure in place beneath elastic grips.

All of these tools are crafted from durable stainless steel and the kit itself (which has a carrying handle) comes in black or pink. Reviews for this kit are outstanding, with one customer raving that this kit is “a professional case and a total perfect gift of functionality.”

Shop for Fix It Kit for $30 at Uncommon Goods.

What I Love About Dad By Me Book

Sometimes there truly is no gift substitute for one that comes straight from the heart. This sweet, pocket-size book lets dad know exactly why you love him — and it serves as a reminder of all of the cool, quirky, interesting, and amazing qualities that you see in him. This gift will require a bit of extra effort and time on your part, but when you see dad’s face light up as he reads the entries, it will be all worth it.

The compact journal provides 50 pages of sentence starters that are fill-in-the-blank prompts for you to reflect upon and jot down all of the reasons why your dad is the greatest dad in the world. There’s also a blank space next to each page where you can record your own memories or thoughts (or even draw a picture or attach a photo).

One reviewer wrote that her dad loved this book: “It was super customized and personal (lots of room to make this truly your own) and I'm sure he teared up reading it.” And another reviewer reminds us that this is the perfect gift for both adults and children to gift great dads: “I purchased this for my 10 year old to fill out for his Dad on Father's Day. He had a lot of fun thinking of words and phrases to complete each page. Some pages were silly and other's were very heartfelt. It surprised me to see how endearing our 10 year old could be! Needless to say, my husband smiled, laughed and melted as he read each and every single page on Father's Day.”

Shop for What I Love About Dad By Me Book for $10 at Uncommon Goods.

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