10 Nice Gift Baskets To Send Loved Ones In 2019

Buying gifts for those difficult gift-receivers has never been so simple.

Buying gifts for the people you love most in life is never easy. You may spend hours or even days and weeks agonizing over whether a certain article of clothing or a cool cooking gadget will send them the message you want to convey: that you’re thinking of them and what would improve their lives. Simplify things for yourself and score a truly great gift by snagging one of these 10 nice gift baskets to send loved ones in 2019.

nice gift basket provides your favorite gift recipient with options — what could be better than that? Most center around a popular theme, such as candy, cosmetics, or attire and accessories, but then each basket cleverly takes that theme and runs with it, providing a variety of products that are sure to appeal to everyone. Whether you’re shopping for your mother, impossible-to-please father, the siblings who have everything, or you’re desperate to find great teacher’s gifts that aren’t the same-old personalized coffee mug, these baskets will do the trick.

One thing is for sure: none of the items on this list of 10 nice gift baskets to send loved ones in 2019 has much in common with your mother’s old-fashioned fruit gift basket (not that you shouldn’t have love for that, too). These modern-day gift baskets include a handwoven palm leaf basket filled with cozy items your friend needs to have the most amazing Netflix-and-chill winter night at home, but in seriously sweet eclectic style. You’ll also find a delish Tuscan-inspired gift basket for your favorite home cook, a candy lover’s gift basket that you’ll be tempted to keep for yourself, and a basket with socks — yes, socks — that will prove way more exciting and original than you might think (because who wouldn’t want to wake up to a different, amazing sock option every morning?).

Cozy Global Gift Basket

Given the fact that this basket is handmade, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a scarf in a specific color or that the design on the ceramic mug will be exactly how it appears on Uncommon Good’s website, but that’s just part of the fun and charm of this gift — you’re truly giving someone you love a gift basket that is as unique as them.

This global gift basket also happens to boast amazing reviews. One reviewer writes: “I got this for my mom who is extremely worldly, exceedingly picky, and has a LOT of stuff. She either hates or already has anything I give her. That said, she absolutely LOVED THIS! It is small enough that it won't take a lot of space and since some of it is to be consumed, it doesn't all need to sit around her house. She thanked me for 'trotting around the globe' to get her this gift.”

Shop for Cozy Global Gift Basket for $60 at Uncommon Goods.

Savory Global Gift Basket

For your global-minded friends who aren’t as much into hibernating under gorgeous, handwoven scarves or making hot cocoa, we haven’t forgotten about them. This global gift basket contains four items that hail from various countries around the world and that were assembled in California. And all of them are just perfect for the home host or hostess who values the importance of a beautifully decorated table as much as they do the food itself.

The beautiful palm leaf basket itself is a handwoven gem made in Oaxaca, Mexico, and it’s one your gift recipient will either use over and over again or display prominently in their home. Inside you’ll find a ceramic spoon rest from the Middle East, a hand-carved neem wood spice bowl crafted in the West Bengal region of India, and salt and pepper shakers that were crafted and hand-painted in the Middle East. The color and print of your basket may differ from the one on Uncommon Good’s website, but there’s no doubt you’ll receive and give a gift your recipient will treasure forever.

Shop for Savory Global Gift Basket for $32.99 at Uncommon Goods.

Olive Lover's Gift Box 

Some foods easily translate to gift baskets and boxes — like chocolate, wine, or cheese. And some culinary treats — like the olives in this amazing package — are surprisingly perfect in a gift box, and you get the added benefit of a guarantee that your gift recipient won’t receive doubles. This Mediterranean-inspired gift set celebrates the classic olive with five food treats and four clever olive wood kitchen accessories that will come in handy at your friend’s next get together. The set includes three jars of infused olives in the following flavors: spicy green olive, green olives with lemon, and truffled green olives. You’ll also receive a bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil, green olive tapenade, an olive wood serving tray, olive wood cutting board, olive wood spreader, and an olive wood olive pick.

All of the products were sourced from Italy, Spain, and Tunisia and assembled in Florida. And the set comes conveniently wrapped in a gift box. This is a thoughtful, fun, and delicious gift box for that friend or family member who loves to entertain, loves food, and lives for slightly out-of-the-box gifts.

Shop for Olive Lover’s Gift Box for $135 on Uncommon Goods.

Happy Socks 10-Year Anniversary 10-Pack Gift Box Socks

When is it an excellent idea to buy socks for someone you love? When the socks in question are these quality, stretchy cotton blend socks that come in a box of 10 with colorful, eclectic shades and patterns that will make getting dressed every morning 100 times more fun. These are men’s socks that are available in one size that fits men’s shoe sizes 8 to 12. The colors and designs range from polka dots and geometric shapes to whimsical patterns and are the ideal gift for the spiffy dresser in your life who isn’t afraid to add a little flair to his wardrobe.

One reviewer describes these socks as soft and raves about the fun patterns. There’s no doubt your fashion-loving gift recipient will feel the same. 

Shop for Happy Socks 10-Year Anniversary 10-Pack Gift Box Socks for $68.98 at Nordstrom.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Ultimate Sweet Treat Tower

A charming tower is filled with goodies that include gummy watermelons, caramel and chocolate popcorn, milk chocolate pretzels, Swedish fish, and more. A little bit of salt, a hint of bitterness, and a whole lot of sweet make this one sweets gift basket that covers all bases.

There isn’t a sugar desire left unturned when you gift someone this delicious and decadent basket. The assortment of delights couldn’t be more diverse or interesting, the quality of this chocolate is outstanding, and the tower can be reused long after all of its treats have been enjoyed.

Shop for Dylan’s Candy Bar Ultimate Sweet Treat Tower for $100 at Nordstrom.

Bliss & Baker Large Crispie Treat Gift Box

This gift box comes with four sugar cookie crispies. It doesn't matter if your loved one has the sweetest tooth or prefers a more savory or salty snack because these treats combine a zillion flavors into one. Be aware that they contain peanuts and tree nuts, just in case your gift recipient has allergies.

Shop for Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn 4-Pack Poppy Favorites Gift Box for $52 at Nordstrom.

Kiehl’s Since 1851 Midnight Must-Haves Set

The skincare and beauty enthusiast on your gift list doesn’t have to be sold on Kiehl’s — this famous brand has kept complexions clear, smooth, and radiant for more than 150 years. And this skincare set by Kiehl’s consists of every single product your loved one needs to add to their nighttime skincare regimen in order to ward off signs of aging and keep their skin looking its healthy best.

The set, which comes packaged in a colorful gift box, includes the Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, which is a lightweight cleansing oil that emulsifies with water to create a soothing milky consistency, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, an overnight facial serum that provides a major dose of hydration and healing for damaged skin, the incredibly moisturizing Ultra Facial Cream moisturizer, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye, an eye treatment that smoothens and brightens under-eye circles, and Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask, which helps clear up acne and restore your skin’s radiance.

This skincare set is so popular it earned a perfect five-star rating. One reviewer sums up its magic perfectly: “The entire midnight recovery line is wonderful!! It gives your skin a deep nourishment so you wake up with a beautiful glow! The gift size is great for travel so you can bring these amazing products with you in your carry on!! Love it!”

Shop for Kiehl’s Since 1951 Midnight Must-Haves Set for $57 at Nordstrom.

Cork Wine & Cheese Tote

This clever cork wine and cheese tote gift bag was tailor-made for that friend or relative who never passes up a chance to go hiking (in style) or to throw an intimate picnic complete with — what else — delicious cheese and wine pairings. The carrying bag is actually made from cork, which isn’t just an adorable design touch, but is also a smart, sustainable material. The bag is thermal foil-lined and can withstand years of toting it around from parks to mountains to beaches. And inside of the tote, you’ll find everything you need for a couples’ or BFF picnic: two plastic wine glasses that won’t shatter or break, two plastic dinner plates, two sets of stainless steel utensils, two cloth napkins, a wooden handle corkscrew, a cheese knife that effortlessly slices into that chunk of brie, and a wooden cheese board to organize every decadent cheese slice.

If you’re desperately searching for a gift for your partner — the partner who already has everything — this cork wine and cheese tote is the perfect present that comes with a promise: quality time spent together enjoying all of that wine and cheese.

Shop for Cork Wine & Cheese Tote for $66 on Uncommon Goods.

K-Cup Coffee Gift Basket

You don’t have to break the bank to snag a super nice gift basket for your coffee-obsessed friends or co-workers. This thoughtful, and surprisingly affordable, gift basket contains four gourmet K-cups that they can use to brew personal cups of rich coffee, but that’s not the only exciting product you’ll find inside. Other treats include Lindt hot cocoa mix (for when you need a caffeine break), Brown and Hayley chocolate-covered graham crackers, chocolate-dipped truffle cookies, and a Biscotti Brothers Almond Biscotti that’s the perfect goodie to dunk in that cup of joe.

This banquet of coffee, chocolate, and almond treats comes in a gift basket with a bow and can be delivered within two to seven days, which is very helpful if you’re doing a bit of last-minute gift shopping.

Shop for K-Cup Coffee Gift Basket for $32.99 at Staples.

Calming Rose Gift Basket

There are so many amazing benefits of using rose essential oil in aromatherapy, including the ability to reduce stress and anxiety and eliminate headaches. As a skincare or bath ingredient, rose has antioxidant properties that can heal damaged skin and even help prevent dryness and acne breakouts. If you know someone who could use a luxurious spa gift and just so happens to love the scent of fresh roses, look no further than this Calming Rose Gift Basket, which includes seven items and costs less than $35.

This rose theme gift comes in a lovely red and brown basket with a pink polka-dot bow. Inside you’ll find a pink bath loofah and a slew of Lauren Nichole products: Tea Rose Shower Gel, Tea Rose Bath Soap, Tea Rose Bath Salts for a detoxing bath experience, and a luxuriously rich Tea Rose Body Cream to hydrate your skin after you soak in the bath. And, as if that’s not enough to convince your gift recipient to indulge in self care, the basket also comes with a Ghirardelli dark chocolate square treat. This thoughtful gift gives loved ones an excuse to relax, and its subtle rose fragrance works double time to alleviate tension so that your BFF, mom, or sister can unwind after a long day.

Shop for Calming Rose Gift Basket for $32.99 at Staples.

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