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Fill Your Instagram Feed With Happy

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When I was growing up in the '60s and '70s, there was an import store at the local mall that sold decorations, figurines, and all kinds of things that kids loved back in the day. I'm sure we drove my mom crazy, looking at every single thing.
As we reached our teenage years, we grew into their other specialty: posters. We had posters of our favorite rock stars. We had posters of cute animals. We had posters of pop art like Peter Max. We had posters with quotes we liked. Remember the sound of the metal frames as we looked through each one? And when we ran out of wall space, we covered our ceilings with posters.

The posters reminded us of our favorite things. They were bright and colorful. (Who doesn't feel happy looking at adorable baby animals?) And of course, we had a few with our favorite quotes. We loved just looking at the things that made us feel good — they made us happy.

Here are 30 Instagram accounts you can follow to look at things that make you happy. There's colorful art, beautiful photographs of nature, inspiring words, and cute animals that will bring a smile to your face. And you don't have to make pinholes in your walls to put up posters! You'll never run out of space, either. You can just go online.