After 50, You'll Definitely Want To Follow These Fashion Tips

Whether you want to believe it or not, fashion is for everyone. It transcends race, sex, gender, beliefs, and of course, age. Popular magazines and exclusive haute couture runways might try to define fashion as being for the young and thin and conventionally pretty, but as we age, we simply learn and know better. Eventually, we even recognize which fashion tips are most suitable for us. Growing older doesn’t mean giving up on finding a cute pair of shoes (though we might be more sensible and seek comfort as well as style). As we age gracefully, we’re welcome to continue expanding our ever-changing wardrobes with signature tops and statement earrings—if that’s what brings us joy (these are great fashion tips that are still valid at age 50 and up). We might rethink some of our accessories a bit, but we’ll also still be purchasing plenty of clutches, hats, sunglasses, and more. At 50, 60, and beyond, some of us might fall into the trap that how we present ourselves no longer matters; that we should just put on whatever “mom jeans” we can find, throw on some Crocs and call it a night. It’s especially easy to fall into that trap when you’ve been too busy raising a family and/or growing your career to pick up fashion tips off a popular blog or out of a magazine. But if anything, at this point in our lives, we have a chance to start playing around more with our looks. Now is the perfect time for us to allow our outfits to show off our distinct personalities, and to follow fashion tips that are in line with our wisdom—something many of us put on hold while we’re busy rearing children or careers. If you’re ready to get back out there putting your best foot forward, you’re in luck. We’ve got plenty of fashion tips for you, complete with specific recommendations for pieces that will make you check yourself out whenever you pass by a mirror.

Wear Wrap Dresses To Minimize Your Middle

Wrap-style dresses are among the most flattering dress styles out there. They minimize your middle while accentuating the chest and making it look great no matter what the size. But if wrap-arounds aren’t your thing, this particular style has a zipper on the side. It’s a lovely classy-but-still casual look, complete with a fun floral print because life’s too short for drab looks.

Opt For Shimmery Fabrics To Class Up An Outfit

Here we have another faux wrap dress, but this time we’re really doing it up with a gorgeous shimmer that makes it more suitable for a date night or other fancier occasion. Pair with some shiny or sparkly strappy sandals and you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Cute Up Cozy Loafers By Choosing Bright Colors

Sure, you might associate this style of loafers with the type your own grandmother wore once upon a time. But don’t knock it just yet. Instead, follow this fashion tip: wear ultra-comfortable shoes (especially if you’ve developed any foot issues over the years) but buy them in a bold color like red or orange. Then wear them with a more youthful-looking outfit so you remain stylish and cozy.

You Can Still Rock A Jumpsuit As Much As The Next Gal

Rompers might be the thing for women in their twenties, but you can achieve a similar ease-of-style with a more sophisticated jumpsuit like this one by Harper Rose. Professional but still fun, you can definitely wear this one to your office job or to an evening out.

Invest In A Durable, Lightweight Winter Jacket

You know what looks great at any age? Staying comfortably warm. And you can do that in this down-and-feather-filled, chevron-quilted jacket, complete with faux fur (because real fur isn’t a good look no matter how young or old you are).

Wear Linens To Stay Cool

The right, well-fitting linen pants can make you look and feel great while out and about on a warm, sunny day. They can also be wonderful when hot flashes strike, thanks to their breathability. Pair them with some sandals and a crisp, white button down for a look that will keep you looking and feeling cool.

Never Settle For An Unflattering One-Piece

Regardless of our size, shape, or age, everybody has a beach body so long as you put on a cute bathing suit. Make a splash with this adorable romper-like one piece that provides just enough coverage without sacrificing your tan.

Boldly Show Off Your Shoulder

The shoulders are often an under-appreciated part of the body, frequently remaining covered throughout our lives. Don’t be afraid to show them off once you hit 50, by wearing an adorable off-the-shoulder top like this one.

Stretchy Jeans Add Comfort To Classic Style

No matter what age you are, elastic waistbands are a true godsend. Wear these stretchable skinny jeans for your day-to-day errands or for a night out, coupled with a cute top and some statement jewelry for a fun and fashionable look.

Ditch The Galoshes For Chic Waterproof Booties

A comfortable, well-made boot is a must for anyone’s wardrobe. Chic and sophisticated, these waterproof ones by Blondo ensure you’ve always got an easy to slip on footwear option (a vital feature as we age) that will keep you dry even on the rainiest of spring or fall days.

Make Classic Pieces Fun Again With Polka Dots

Never be afraid to go sleeveless, especially when you’ve added a fun print like these teensy polka dots. A light, high-neck blouse like this one can be dressed up for a work meeting (simply add a blazer), or dressed down for an afternoon tea with your best gals (think a-line skirt).

Create Subtle Elegance With Chain Prints

Another fashion tip you may have missed: chain prints often add a touch of elegance to an otherwise drab outfit. This particular top by L’Agence brings your look up from contemporary to luxe, and the cinched waistline will really accentuate your figure in the best way.

Go Bold With Animal Prints

Animal prints universally add an extra bit of personality to an outfit. If you still enjoy these bolder looks, try this leopard-print blouse that can jazz you up in a serious way. Pair with some black pants (maybe those Wit & Wisdom stretchy skinny jeans we recommended earlier) so they don’t take any attention away from your wild side.

Plaid Button-Downs Are Great For Layering

Every woman (over 50 or not) is different, and perhaps your style is a bit more low-key. If your wardrobe is less fancy and more functional, a simple button down in plaid can be a wonderfully versatile addition to your closet. Wear as is, or layer over a solid tank top for practicality and fun.

Femme-up A Little Black Dress With A Flower Print And Silk Fabric

If “girlier” styles are more your speed, add some flowers and soft materials—traditionally femme choices. This beautiful wrap dress by Elie Tahari exudes femininity by using viscose and silk, printed with pink flowers. Suddenly, you’ve given your little black dress a more youthful makeover.

Treat Yourself To The Luxury Handbag You Always Wanted

Every woman of a certain age should carry at least one quality handbag—especially if she’s put off buying it for herself due to paying for little league and ballet lessons for her kiddos. Burberry is a timeless brand that specializes in just that, and this particular bag will hold all that you need and more while also ensuring you turn a few heads.

Embrace Vibrant Colors For Special Occasions

Over the years, you may find yourself wearing more muted colors. There’s sometimes a misconception that bright colors are for younger crowds—especially in formal wear. But we think you’ll look spectacular in this bright red number, which hugs the figure and displays the shoulders boldly.

Pick Long-Sleeved Sundresses For Sunny Days And Cooler Nights

Once the weather warms up, it’s time to pick up a few cute sundresses, like this vibrant green number. But while the afternoon might be warm, things may cool down in the evening. Rather than carry a sweater around “just in case”, keep your sleeves with a whimsical piece like this one by Maje. You’ll look absolutely radiant in this number—the perfect spring or summer dress.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show A Little Leg

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to suddenly force yourself into daily pantsuits (although we appreciate plenty of the women who have). Throw on this flirty, heart-print wrap dress that goes just a bit above the knee the next time you have a date, cocktails with friends, or even some dancing. And if you’re not feeling the breeze, you can always pair with some solid black tights.

Pull Off Meghan Markle’s Look

Who are we to question royalty? The Duchess of Style (er, Sussex) frequently dons boatneck tops—even her wedding dress had a boatneck! And once the temperatures drop, you’re going a lightweight sweater like this one by Banana Republic, complete with a boatneck. Opt for a dark color if you’re hoping to make your silhouette appear just a bit slimmer.

Pastel Slacks Are Perfect Spring Wear

When you don’t feel much like wearing jeans, and especially in the warmer months, you may want to include some colorful trousers like these charming mid-rise pants. Whether you decide to pick them up in guava pink or sky blue (or both), they’ll be surely be a delightful addition to your day-to-day attire.

Try More Interesting Styles, Like These Nautical-Inspired Pants

Why have a closet full of the same ol’ same if you can, instead, take our fashion tip to buy a dapper pair of these sailor-style trousers? Slightly quirky and certainly stylish, these pants are suggested for warmer weather and feature slant and rear pockets for when you don’t feel like carrying a bag around.

Classic Blazers Never Go Out Of Style

No wardrobe is complete without a smart blazer that can dress up just about any outfit. Banana Republic’s classic fit blazer stretches to conform to your body type, with a single button closure and exterior pockets you can actually use (feel free to keep a business card in there).

Always Have A Tried And True Black Cocktail Dress On Hand

Use Fashion To Protect Against The Sun

Cover-Ops Avoid Any Awkwardness From Pool To Beach Suite

It’s always nice to have a cute cover-up handy when you spend some time at the pool or beach, and this one by Eberjay is perfect for just that. This fluttery cotton tunic features an eyelet pattern that makes it breathable, keeping you cool and allowing your swimsuit to dry quickly underneath.

Chambray Is As Versatile As Denim, Without The Added Weight

Widen Your Array Of Cardigans

One reality of getting older is that we slowly become more sensitive to the cold. This is why having a healthy amount of warm and cozy items is essential to the over 50 set. But rather than stick to one style of cardigan, we suggest you mix it up. This tunic-length cardigan will keep you warm on cool evenings (or when you’re out at dinner or a movie) without sacrificing style.

Denim Jackets Go With Everything

Similar to the versatility of a chambray top, a denim jacket is another solid staple for your wardrobe. Denim jackets may not seem like they would be your go-to for warmth, but they actually do fare well against cooler temperatures and wind. Pair them with a long, cute skirt, or layer denim on denim, for a hip, clean look.

Waterproof Trench Coats Are Stylish And Handy In The Rainy Season

Trench coats are time-honored pieces that have kept folks warm and dry since World War I. Much lighter than wool, these cotton-based coats have a waterproof coating that protects you even on the wettest of days. And if you opt for the golden beige kind, you’ll also have an endearing elephant print on the inside that certainly adds just a bit of whimsy.

Turtlenecks Are Perfect For Winter Layering

If you’ve somehow made it to 50 (or beyond) without seriously investing in one or two turtlenecks, now is your chance. A much more becoming style of top than, say, a cami, turtlenecks add a touch of class to anyone’s outfit—and they are absolutely perfect for layering. These particular turtlenecks are made of 67% Lenzing Modal, a fabric made out of European beechwood trees, keeping them breathable.

Vertical Stripes Add Height (And Minimize Width)

For those who’ve spent the past few decades shopping in the petites section, this tip is for you. Vertical stripes help create the illusion of height (and simultaneously make your midsection appear slimmer). Whether you opt for a crisp button-down blouse like this one, or go for a skirt or dress with long stripes from top to bottom, you really can’t go wrong.

Keep Warm In A Sophisticated Flannel

Look, we’re not telling you to relive your college days and hit the thrift shop for some Kurt Cobain-esque, second-hand flannels. You actually can find some more grown-up flannels, as exemplified in this windowpane plaid number by Banana Republic.

Stave Off UV Rays With A Hip Fedora

Much like your skin, you hair also needs protection from strong UV rays, which is why we’re recommending this lovely wool fedora. This fashion-forward hat is just the thing to wear on a cool autumn day—plus it’s perfect for those days when your hair just isn’t behaving.

Keep Your Jewelry Choices Simple

It’s not to say you can’t also walk out with various statement pieces, but we all know that wearing a lot of jewelry can come off as a bit loud. Gold and silver are timeless, as are cuffs like this one by Giles & Brother. Pair with some small gold hoops or a thin gold necklace for a picture-perfect example of proper accessorizing.

Simple, Roomy Totes Are Great When You’ve Got Lots To Carry

There are plenty of occasions in which you might want to have a large tote on hand. Conferences, for example, since you’ll want a place to stuff all those business cards and brochures. Or maybe while babysitting your grandkids (you’ll need books, toys, maybe some diapers). This tote is just the right size, and includes a detachable clutch for when you realize you don’t need the room anymore.

Vow To Only Wear Comfortable Bras Going Forward

It’s so easy to go most of your life having to adjust and readjust your bras, and counting down to the moment you can finally take them off at the end of the day. If you’ve made it to 50 or beyond and are still struggling, look into a cute and cozy, underwire-free bra that actually fits your body. These full coverage bras are made with a cotton blend so they’re nice and soft, and feature wide straps that won’t dig into your shoulders.

Pencil Skirts Keep You Looking Smart 24/7

Pencil skirts are a wonderfully versatile and can be worn to the office or just a casual outing with the family. This lightweight wool skirt becomes just a touch more casual in powder blue, making it the sort of thing you could easily wear to a matinee, a brunch date, or an afternoon at a museum.

Stay Motivated With Chic Athletic Wear

Exercise is vital to our well-being, and it only becomes more and more important the more candles we burn on our birthday cakes. It can be hard to force yourself out for a jog or to the gym every day, but some cute athletic wear just might give you that push you need. This Power Move tee by Universal Standard (paired with matching pants) wicks away sweat while you work out—so no excuses!

A Flowy Dress Can Provide Comfort, Utility, And Style

This is a great piece to wear around the home to stay cool and cozy all at once, but it’s functionality goes beyond this. If you’re ever injured or have surgery (realities for anyone), you might need something flowy like this that you can easily change in and out of. You can also dress this up with a fun belt, a chunky necklace, or even a scarf.

Oversized Work Jackets Keep You Comfortable And Professional

When you’re not feeling a blazer, and you don’t feel up to wearing something heavier like a wool coat, there’s always an oversized jacket like this one. Available in a size 6 through 32, this grey plaid piece is highly complementary and would pair with just about anything nicely.

Well-Fitting Dark Jeans Are Your Best Friend

All women need a couple of pairs of well-fitting jeans, and you can’t go wrong with these by Universal Standard. They’re high-waisted, helping to shape your figure, and the dark denim make them appropriate for casual or slightly more formal wear—only select a more luxe top if going for the latter.

Adorn Yourself In Protective, Oversized Shades

We’ve discussed the importance of hats for protecting our faces and hair, but what about sunglasses? You can certainly have a few shades in your arsenal, but definitely purchase at least one pair of oversized glasses for especially sunny days and locations.

Opt For A Cute Slide With Added Support

Flat slides can be incredibly hard on the back, hips, and knees. Truly, they are a friend to no woman. Switch to a pair of slides that have a bit more cushion in order to protect your back from unnecessary discomfort. These beige ones by Sam Edelman are especially charming with their stud trim.

A Satin Robe Is The Perfect Nightly Indulgence

Some days, all you really need as far as fashion goes is something to make you feel comfortable and beautiful. No better fabric for this than satin, and no better item than a kimono-style robe like this lovely piece by Universal Standard.

Pearl Studs Are A Regal Essential For All Women

For truly important and formal occasions, pearls can always be worn. These classic pieces go with just about any elegant gown or other high-end piece. They can also be worn with some dark pants and a modish top. Pair with a pearl necklace, or wear on their own.

Keep Some Backup Shapewear Just In Case

All bodies are beautiful. That said, sometimes we find ourselves in a pinch, like needing to fit into a dress that used to fit like a glove and is now a bit tighter than we’d prefer. When there’s not enough time to go out and buy a new one, you’ll be glad you invested in a Spanx bodysuit like this one, which can help keep your shape looking a bit more seamless till you can get yourself to the mall again.

Wear A Turban To Keep Your Locks In Place

Whether you’re between washes or you’re dealing with some significant hair loss, there’s nothing quite like a chic turban to keep you looking and feeling elegant. With this fine piece of headwear, you won’t feel distracted by your locks, but you will look seriously cute.

Lightweight Scarves Can Add A Color Pop

Scarves are wonderful way to add some fun color to your outfit. This lightweight piece is partly made of silk, making it extra soft and delightful to wear. And you can’t deny how lovely these yarn-dyed stripes are in both shades.

Add Some Whimsy To Your Timepiece

By now, you’ve likely owned a dozen watches in your life, but have any of them ever been as enchanting as this one by Olivia Burton. This brand specializes in watches and jewerly that incorporate the beauty of nature into their design. This one features a darling floral background and a sweet, rose gold bee—reminding you to always take the time for a bit of magic.

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