Inspire A New Wardrobe With 70s Fashion Pieces

Current fashion is always a blend of various older styles blended together, inspired by one another as well as the cultural, environmental, and political climate. When it comes to 70s fashion, there are a number of ways to get your own wardrobe inspiration from the era. The 60s hippie and bohemian styles were still going strong well into the 70s. Think flower power, prairie dresses, peasant tops, and even peace signs. Or you can go for a more of a “headed to the discotheque” outfit, complete with sequins or other sparkles, platforms, large and pointy collars, and big hair, of course. Then there’s more of the punk style, inspired by the musical movement of the same name. With this look, you’d seek out leather jackets, boots, and plenty of plaid. As you can see, these are just a few of the various ways you can interpret and incorporate retro 70s fashion into your current wardrobe.

When you’re looking to alter your style, you’ll want to create a list of different items that you might be able to wear while achieving numerous vintage looks. Seek out a few staple tops, a jacket or coat if you’re closer to winter, or skirts and sandals for warmer seasons. Look up various 70s inspired patterns and then find pieces that match up. Don’t be afraid to combine looks from other eras as well—after all, this is your wardrobe you’re building. Always go for some of the more timeless trends of an era. For the 70s, that could mean palazzo pants, since wide legs can always be worn at least for certain occasions. You’ll have to decide for yourself which trends you’ll want to bring back (we would love disco sandals as long as they were included only a modest heel, and wrap dresses continue to be fashionable today), and which you’ll leave in the past where they belong. To get you started though, we’ve created a list of many ways you can begin your foray into recreations 70s fashion looks.

A Western-Style Jacket With 70s Fringe

Fringe was certainly enjoying a part of the fashion spotlight in the 1970s. While it’s not the most tasteful look for daily wear anymore, we think this goat-skin suede fringe jacket could serve as a fun, occasional piece. Pair with some turquoise jewelry and some boots to complement the look.

Old-School Patchwork To Make A Statement

If you enjoy going bold with your looks, we recommend this faux-fur coat from Rebecca Taylor’s La Vie line. This busy patchwork piece might seem loud, but thanks to its muted earth-tones, it remains a more subdued style. You’ll certainly stay warm and garner some appreciative looks with this one.

Twirl Freely In An A-Line Skirt

Long A-line skirts were worn with regularity back in the 70s. You can definitely tap into this fashion-forward choice by wearing this piece by Sandro. The sharp, bright lines also have a retro feel to them for double the throwback.

Shine Bright In Sequins

Sequins were definitely a staple of the disco era, and you can recreate the style with this gorgeous, black sequin sheath dress. There is a slightly revealing low back, but who said we always need to cover up? We think you’ll shine brightly in this one.

Stay Cool In A Peasant Top

Peasant tops were all the rage while the flower children roamed freely. It’s a look you can easily update via this dark blue, embroidered peasant top by Lucky Brand. The shirt is youthful and playful, with distinct diamond and floral stitching to set it (and you) apart from others.

Go Wide With A Pair Of Palazzos

While everyone immediately thinks of bell bottoms as the pant of choice of the 70s, palazzo pants (that is, wide-legged pants) were also highly popular. We can still easily wear this style just about anywhere: the office, date night, networking, or even dressed down with a t-shirt and sneakers.

You’ll Look Super Fly In An Oversized Faux-Fur Coat

Everyone from Farrah Fawcett to Diana Ross wore large fur coats in the 70s, but really, fur has always been en vogue. That said, these days we’re not into wearing animal-based furs as much, so we recommend this mink-colored, faux-fur number.

Go Full On Goddess In A One-Shoulder Jumpsuit

In the 70s, no dance floor was complete without at least one person bedecked in a stylish jumpsuit. And apparently these one-piece outfits are still quite beloved, as we can see with this elegant, show-stopping piece. Put on this navy jumpsuit, with its flattering, gathered bodice and see how quickly you begin to turn heads.

A Touch Of Tie Dye In Your Workout Tights

After a certain age, tie dye can seem a bit too juvenile for a day to day look. That said, you can still incorporate this classic trend by incorporating it into an article of clothing that is normally more on the dull side. While the other ladies might be downward dogging in solid-colored leggings, you’ll remind others about your carefree side with these tie-dye pants by Electric & Rose.

Americana Isn’t Solely For The 4th Of July

The Vietnam War had significant influence over 70s fashion trends. Americana was one such fashion that arose from the conflict. These ultra-soft jeans feature a red and white stripe detail on the sides are high-rise and skinny, bringing them more into the style of the 2000s.

A Tartan Print In An Unexpected Place

Tartan rose in popularity in the 70s thanks to the punk rock movement (think plaid skirts and suspenders). While a tartan mini might not be the most appropriate or even flattering article for a mature woman to wear, we’ve found a great way to incorporate it—by way of these cozy Toms.

Chic Aviators In Colorful Hues

Aviators have been around since 1936, but they’ve become more beloved in certain eras, including the 70s. These semi-rimless Ray-Bans are extremely stylish and feature colorful radiant lenses in three shades, each as gorgeous as the next.

Go Big With Gold Hoops

Large hoop earrings are enjoying a renaissance right now thanks to a certain congresswoman in the public eye, but they were also a hot item some 40 or so years ago. Pick up a multi-pack of hoops in various sizes so you can switch them out depending on the occasion.

Wear Or Carry Crochet

Ladies of the 70s loved wearing crocheted tanks, dresses, bikinis, vests—you name it. While you can always pick up a cute crocheted scarf or sweater, you can also incorporate it into your handbag. This adorable crocheted tote features a magnetic closure and plenty of room for your valuables.

Stay Cozy In Moccasins

Moccasins are a type of exceptionally soft footwear created by indigenous North Americans. However, they gained popularity among many others within 70s fashion. When you’re seeking some comfortable footwear, you won’t go wrong with these.

Put On Your Best Psychedelic Prints

If you feel a longing to truly blend into the crowds of decades past, you can always choose an outfit involving a flashy, psychedelic-inspired print. It might not be something you’re wanting to use all the time, but then again why should you care what anyone thinks? This piece is just groovy, baby.

Flirt About With Flutter Sleeves

Achieve an elegant, 70’s fashion-inspired look with a wrap dress with flutter sleeves. Both styles were popular at the time, but in reality, they are timeless fashions that are always flattering on women of any age. Throw on some of those hoops we mentioned earlier, plus a pair of strappy sandals, and you’ll look like you just walked out of a time machine.

Up Your Game With Vibrant Neck Scarves

Flight attendants were extremely popular in the 70s, well-known for their funky uniforms—which often include small neck scarves. Other women caught wind of this great accessory and it’s a look that still works today. Try this pleated scarf whenever you want to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Rock The Retro Sneakers

Nike Blazers originated in 1972, but the style is so well-beloved that they’re still available today. Make this 70’s fashion your own with these white-and-rose gold kicks, and pair them with a pair of jeans, or maybe even a long, solid-colored skirt and a white top for a youthful, casual look.

Vintage Hardware For Your Bags

Gucci’s Double-G hardware is a throwback to when it was used in the 70s. If you’re a bag lover (and especially a fan of Gucci), you just won’t find a cooler purse. You can get this purse in white or black, hibiscus red or porcelain rose, or maybe get any of the other similar styles and opt for different colors for your collection.

Embrace The Boho

Much of 70s fashion embraced a bohemian quality, and you can too with this lovely, white tunic by Free People. It’s a cool, 100% cotton top that would make a wonderful summertime top, perhaps with a wide-brimmed straw hat as seen here.

Strut In Chunky Heeled Boots

Platform shoes and chunky heels were a common staple in the shoe collections of both men and women in the 1970s. Booties with a short, chunky heel are perfect to wear with just about anything, and this leather pair will certainly serve you well.

Make A Bow Or Let It Loose

Walk into any 70s office place and you’d no doubt find one or a number of women wearing blouses like these. Professional and conservative, but always with a touch of femininity, these tops remain a hit with many women. This red polka dot blouse has a silk necktie that can be worn long or as a bow for a number of darling looks.

Look Marvelous In A Maxi

Long maxi dresses were embraced by gals in the 70s, and fortunately for us it’s a fashion that’s always remained forward. Try this striped maxi and if the slit on the side feels a bit too drafty, you can always wear this with a pair of jeans or leggings.

Oval Shades For A Cosmopolitan Woman

Aviators work well for some, but for those who have serious sensitivity to sunlight, we have another option. These black, oversized Italian sunglasses by Chloe are effortlessly chic and sophisticated. And if you feel black is too dark, you can also find other very 70s styles to choose from.

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