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Even though you have been dressing yourself for decades, sometimes a person feels like there's something missing in their wardrobe but just can't put their finger on it. Sure, you have pants and more knits than you know what to do with, but what else can you incorporate that will take your closet from being practical to being stylish?

There are plenty of options to help you do this, and the key is to determine what you closet is already lacking and then which items to add that will bring new excitement to it. A leather jacket, perhaps? Or maybe a feminine wrap dress? How about both?

To help you get going, ahead are all the fashion essentials every 50-something should own. Make this your most stylish year yet.

Editor's Note: Please note that the models in the following images are not always over 50. We hope that this changes and would love to see clothing brands represent women 50+ regularly in their branding and advertisements as well.