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Fascinating Ways That Beauty Has Evolved Since The '60s

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The 1960s were an exciting time when it came to beauty, where the era marked a transition from the lady-like and subdued looks of the '50s, into the mod, creative, and rebellious aesthetics of the '60s.

It was at that time that all sorts of different subcultures began to spring up, from Dolly Birds, to Mod Girls, to hippies, allowing young women to experiment with their aesthetics and their new sense of freedom. If you grew up then, you probably loved the Twiggy pixie and winged eyeliner.

We all know trends come and go over the years, and it would appear that these mod beauty trends of the '60s are back in style. Ahead we explore the most popular beauty looks of the era and how those looks have evolved in the 21st century. Today, it's fun to see how some of our current favorite stars have taken trends from the past and made them feel modern and trendy. Say hello to beehives, pale blue shadows, and white lipstick!