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Have you noticed that younger people are dyeing their hair grey? Yes, for real, it's a trend! So while they go spend money to get grey hair, you could save money and let your natural grey shine through.

Seriously, there are many reasons you may choose to go grey. You may find it truly is freeing not to be spending so much time and money on dying your hair. Or, you may choose grey to make a statement about society's views on women and aging. And, then again, you may just feel more like yourself. After all, being 50 + can be the time where you decide to please yourself, not everyone else. You earned every one of those grey hairs.

Whatever your reason, going grey doesn't mean that you don't care about your appearance. You can still have a great hairstyle with grey hair.

Want proof? Here are 25 gorgeous women who rock their grey hair on-trend, in fabulous style.