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Cute And Funny Dog Pictures From The '60s

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Just in case you thought taking hilarious pictures with dogs was an event created by Instagram, think again! Taking adorable and funny pictures of dogs have been a favorite past time for ages. People have always been enamored by their four-legged friends and have documented their every move, even when the photos were taken on film and had to be developed. These hilarious photos that were taken in the '60s prove that fact.

From photos of dogs at the barber to working at a typewriter to wearing coiffed wigs from the time period, we've fallen in love with these funny images from the '60s. We have a feeling you'll love them too. 

So, travel with us back in time — to when pictures were black and white and there was no Photoshopping — and enjoy these extremely adorable and comical pictures of pooches. Most of them deserve a second life on Instagram now, right?