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30 Celebs Who Turned 60 in 2018

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November 1, 2017 - Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Europe more pics like this »
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28. Jennifer Saunders
Jennifer Saunders of Absolutely Fabulous is celebrating her birthday on July 6, and with age comes a kind of clarity and self-confidence she wasn't able to attain when she was younger. 

Right as she turned 50, she told The Guardian that she had a kind of epiphany. "I was sitting in a meeting listening to everyone talking about some show or other, and I suddenly started thinking, do you know something? I think I have a better idea. I think my idea is probably better. Before that, if they'd said anything, I'd go, yes, yes, that's right, yes, agree, agree, agree. And I suddenly thought, actually, I think I can make this funnier, I think I know better. And it hadn't occurred to me until then that that could ever happen."