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Beauty & Fashion Brands That Have Featured Women Over 50

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Louis Vuitton
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Most beauty and fashion brands aren't known for their diversity or inclusion, where it's rare to see a campaign that features all sorts of body sizes, skin tones, and ages. But there are a few brands out there that have been pushing the boundaries and slowly expanding what our definition is to be beautiful.

A plethora of brands - from high end labels like Celine to drugstores like CVS - had moments where they have included more mature women in their campaigns, and made them their stars and ambassadors. But to be clear, these brands don't consistently include older women, but they have done a better job than most.

While there is still a lot of work to be done in those industries to become more inclusive and not write off people once they hit the 50s mark, ahead are the brands that have pushed boundaries and shone the spotlight on more mature women.