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These Old Hollywood Oscar Dresses Will Make You Yearn For The Past

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24. 1968: Elke Sommer
Just two years later, Elke Sommer's red carpet style changed dramatically. First, she ditched the beehive and went with a simple low ponytail. Her dress was a stunning, floor-length column dress with gold starbursts repeating down its length. The bodice was low cut, and it featured thick straps at the shoulders. Sommer accented this elegant look with white elbow-length gloves and a brown fur coat. 

While Sommer's dress was one of the most memorable frocks from that night, she might have done some quick alterations to it before heading to the Oscars. According to the Hollywood columnist Sheilah Graham, Sommer may have requested to have her sleeves snipped off. "You can be sure that talented Elke Sommer will cause some gasps at the Oscar awards April 8," Graham wrote in 1968, four days before the red carpet. "Her form-filling, long dress with long sleeves has been designed for her by two-time Oscar winner Bill Thomas at a cost of $1,000." 

Bill Thomas was a 10-time Oscar nominated costume designer, who was best known for films like Babes in Toyland, Spartacus, and The Happiest Millionaire. It's uncertain if Sommer had him alter her sleeves or decided to swap out the $1,000 frock for a completely new dress, but either way she looked fabulous.