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These Old Hollywood Oscar Dresses Will Make You Yearn For The Past

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23. 1966: Elke Sommer
German actor Elke Sommer arrived to the 1966 Academy Awards as the poster child for Swinging Sixties fashions. She wore a mint green chiffon dress with an asymmetrical neckline and a beaded bodice, and her beehive hairstyle was accented with small flowers throughout its height. According to The Indianapolis News at the time, Sommer "wore the most splendiferously landscaped hair," alluding to her tall up-do with its ringlet curls. 

At the awards ceremony, she presented the Live Action Short Subject Oscar to The Chicken, so her iconic style got plenty of air time for fans at home. 

Sommer has quickly garnered a "bombshell" nickname for herself in Hollywood, and she wanted other actors to know that she was not after their Girl Next Door image and roles. "Now that the European-born Elke has settled down as a two-thirds Hollywood actress (two Hollywood films, and a third overseas, each year,) she has no intention of taking on any neighborhood girl coloration," wrote The Windsor Star in 1966. Sommer confirmed that sentiment.

"I suspect that many native American actresses try to be that girl next door. That's not for me," Sommer said. "She may be pretty and all that, so I have to dress better; I have to have an image of my own." Her image came across loud and clear at the '66 Oscars.