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These Old Hollywood Oscar Dresses Will Make You Yearn For The Past

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13. 1958: Jean Simmons
While Jean Simmons wasn't nominated for any Oscars in 1958, she accepted the Best Actor award on behalf of winner Alec Guinness, who wasn't in attendance that night. He received it for his portrayal in The Bridge on the River Kwai.

"To accept the award for Alec Guinness tonight gives me a particular delight because 13 years ago I worked with Alec in a picture called Great Expectations, and we were lucky enough to have the director, David Lean, who directed Bridge over the River Kwai," she said in the speech. "Since then I've watched him give wonderful, wonderful performances. And so tonight, to Alec Guinness, a truly great artist, many, many congratulations. And on your behalf, Alec, may I thank the Academy. Thank you."

For the event, Simmons wore a strapless ballgown with big, bold floral embroidery down the skirt. Satin ribbons delicately crisscrossed across its length, from bodice to hem. 

While it was an honor for Simmons to pick up the statuette for her friend Guinness, this wasn't the first time the actress accepted an Oscar on behalf of a colleague. In 1948, she was tasked with accepting the award for five winners, all while injured.

"I was asked to accept for the winners, as many of them couldn't attend. I flew in from Fiji with a terrible coral cut on my leg I got while filming The Blue Lagoon, and I was limping badly," she told Barbara Roisman Cooper in Great Britons of Stage and Screen: In Conversation. She went on stage for Jack Cardiff, winner of Cinematography — Color for Black Narcissus; Guy Green for Cinematography — Black and White for Great Expectations; and then for John Bryan, Wilfred Shingleton, and Alfred Junge. "I tried not to limp," she said. "It became a joke with the audience because I went on stage to collect one Oscar and then another and another. Finally, all I could say was, 'Thank you.'"