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These Old Hollywood Oscar Dresses Will Make You Yearn For The Past

4. 1941: Carmen Miranda
Portuguese-born Brazilian actress Carmen Miranda stole the show at the 1941 Oscars with her dress and head wrap. This was the same year she came to Hollywood and the same year she became the first Latin American artist to cement her feet and hands on the sidewalk of the Chinese Theater and have a gold star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Nicknamed "The Brazilian Bombshell," she was best known for her signature fruit hat outfits, her bold costume jewelry, and her always-present platform pumps, which she helped turn into a trend in the States.

When it came to her fruit hats, Miranda said she was inspired by the market women in Brazil. "In Brazil in Bahia, the girls carry the basket with the fruits on her head, and they have big bracelets and big necklaces and they sell fruits in the streets and I take it from the girls," Miranda explained in an interview in London in 1948.

While the black and white photo doesn't do her Academy Award dress justice, you can get an inkling of how stunning her outfit was. Her dress was a gray-blue color with intricate beading along the bodice and long sleeves. The dress also had cutouts along the sides of her stomach, flashing a shocking amount of skin for the 1940s. Her turban was a blue, black, and silver striped design that circled around an elaborate top knot updo. She was one of the red carpet's best dressed stars that night.