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These Old Hollywood Oscar Dresses Will Make You Yearn For The Past

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17. 1960: Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner was also feeling glittery that night, and chose to wear a silver sequined halter dress that she accented with white silk gloves, a white fur stole, and a diamond belle epoque tiara.

While it wasn't overly common to wear a tiara during this period, Gardner donned her fair share of crowns in her day. Most notably, the actress wore an elaborate tiara to her 1954 premiere of The Barefoot Contessa. It consisted of rubies, diamonds, and pearls set on top of a black setting, and had a leaf-like curl framing her face. She wore the headpiece to a few more premieres and photo shoots around that same time, including one for Look Magazine with iconic photographer Milton Greene.

A year prior to that, Gardner wore a classic diamond tiara to the Primrose League's Coronation Ball at the Dorchester Hotel in London, which she attended with her then-husband, Frank Sinatra. She clearly had a penchant for glittery headpieces, though she didn't often wear them out.

But while she loved her jewels, she also felt like there was a time and place for them. "An expatriate friend from Madrid, Betty Wallers, remembered a weekend jaunt to London that began at a Covent Garden ballet among the formally dressed royals and high society and ended in a raucous dance joint, Ava sweeping through the nightclub in white chiffon gown, diamonds, and tiara," wrote Lee Sever in Ava Gardner: "Love Is Nothing." Gardner headed straight to the ladies' room, and Wallers recalled that "Ava lifted her dress and wriggled her girdle off...Then she took off the tiara and the diamond bracelets. The whole lot was stuffed in our handbags. Ava shouted, 'Thank God I'm me again.'" We wonder if she stuffed her Oscars tiara into her purse once the ceremony wrapped?