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These Old Hollywood Oscar Dresses Will Make You Yearn For The Past

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If we're being honest, the Oscars' main draw is the red carpet. While it's fun to sit back on the couch and watch the host riff jokes while film industry greats receive their accolades, the highlight of the show is the dresses. Awards seasons let Fashion Week runways come to life. Couture dresses that look like works of art are paired with millions of dollars of diamonds, and we get to judge whether they're a hit or a miss via the TV screen (all while wearing pajama bottoms and microwavable socks.)

But the red carpet hasn't always been like that. Before designers got their hands on actors, it was the movie studios' costume designers that created red carpet looks for some of Tinsel Town's leading actresses. And those who weren't A-list enough were tasked with designing their own gowns for the big event — finding the material, hiring a seamstress, and all.

Some dresses were so fabulous that they made fashion history and are still talked about today. Others were so creative that you had to love the boldness of the wearer. And others might have been considered modest at the time, but are now a charming testament to the decade they came from. Scroll down and see some of the most beautiful Old Hollywood Oscar dresses from the last century.